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Online machinery dealer for sheet metal working machines, wood working machines, metal working machines as well as transport technology, stone working and soil working. Large selection of up to 6 thousand machines from well-known machine manufacturers such as Bernardo machines, ELMAG machines, Zimmer machines, Bamato, MACK tools and many more.

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Zipper Power generator ZI-STE7500DSH
1.345,90 EUR
Zipper Power Scythe 40Volt Battery ZI-MOS40V-AKKU
186,90 EUR
Zipper Wood splitter ZI-HS10TN
945,90 EUR
Zipper extraction unit ZI-ASA550ESA
197,90 EUR
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Zipper Compressor ZI-COM50E
177,90 EUR
Zipper Case compressor ZI-COM2-8
94,90 EUR
Zipper compulsory mixer ZI-ZWM120
1.645,90 EUR
Zipper Compulsory mixer ZI-ZWM100
1.495,90 EUR
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A component of your machine is defective? It is at a standstill and time is pressing? Use our order form to order specific machine spare parts online. We will be happy to supply you with your defective spare part!

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Are you looking for quality machine tools from renowned manufacturers at a fair price? Then you are exactly right with us!  We are your online specialty store specializing in high-quality equipment!

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Machine tools for industry & hobby craft online 

In our extensive range of machine tools such as milling machines, drilling machines, grinding machine metal, Bernardo extraction, chuck lathe chuck, circular saw machine, Bernardo angle bender, table lathe , ELMAG lathe and universal lathes you will find everything you need for a professional processing of sheet metal, wood, metal and stone | floor. Whether you are an industrial company, medium-sized or a hobby workshop. We have the right machine for you in our assortment. We are German machine dealer and deliver EUROPE wide!



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Lathes from Bernardo & Holzmann - ELMAG Lathe

You want to produce rotationally symmetrical workpieces, but you are missing the right machine? We at BHM-Maschinen put an end to your search. Whether hobby cellar, precision mechanic workshop, training company or industrial large-scale operation: No matter where the lathe is to be used - in our online store you will find it.
bernardo - Elmag lathe buy online

Your desired machine should not only be able to turn, but also be suitable for milling or drilling work? Then you are well advised to go with a so-called machining center. We recommend table lathes especially to hobby mechanics who have to deal with a lack of space. These machines not only impress with their handy dimensions, but also with their comparatively low acquisition costs. Our sliding headstock lathes, which can be expanded as required and are therefore particularly flexible, are also relatively inexpensive.

Our universal lathes are particularly suitable for the series production of workpieces. Small series and single pieces in highest quality are guaranteed by our powerful cycle lathes.
We at BHM-Maschinen guarantee you ordering convenience. You click through our product range online and make your choice - we deliver your desired machine to where you need it. This means that the entire process does not involve any time or logistical effort for you. You can take care of everything from the comfort of your workplace or home.




Bernardo milling machine buy online. In our assortment you will find every type of milling machine - from bed-type milling machines to multi-purpose milling machines and universal milling machines to tool milling machines. And our online catalog also leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to drilling. Our offer ranges from gear drilling machines to box column drilling machines and magnetic core drilling machines to radial drilling machines and column drilling machines to table drilling machines.

In addition, our online specialized trade offers you another great advantage: We handle the entire ordering process in such a way that no effort is required on your part. You make your selection conveniently online - we deliver your machine directly to your desired location.


You want to process metal and are looking for a suitable grinding machine? Then you are exactly right with your online dealer. In our store you will find the right device for every application - whether deburring, surface grinding, contour grinding or touching. Bernardo grinding machine buy online. Whether you want to grind workpieces, drills or pipes. Our grinding machines from renowned manufacturers stand for the best possible quality and highest precision.

Buy grinding machine online. Our extensive range includes chamfering machines, belt sanders, drill sanding machine such as. the popular model Bernardo DG 32 Pro, double sanding machines, Bernardo surface sanding machines, edge chamfering machines, fillet weld sanding machines, combination sanding machines, wet sanding machines, dry sanding machines, polishing machines, pipe sanding machines, cylindrical sanding machines, satin finishing machines, graver sanding machines, disc sanding machines and universal sanding machine - just everything that the craftsman's heart desires.

And that's not all: Aren't you also tired of picking out your machines in the trade? Spending hours on pilgrimage from exhibit to exhibit, even though you have more important things to do? We put an end to that. Choose your grinding machine conveniently in our online machine shop, let us deliver to you and in the meantime you can occupy yourself with things for which you would otherwise have no time.





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Important questions about Bernardo machines, Bernardo quality and their field of application: 


What is the quality of Bernardo and ELMAG machines?

Machine tools from Bernardo and ELMAG meet the highest quality standards. This is ensured by regular internal quality controls.

According to the manufacturer, it only includes products in its range that meet strict requirements.

In our machine shop you will find machine tools that score with high material quality and excellent workmanship. The types of equipment are diverse: whether it is machines for woodworking, metalworking or sheet metal processing, whether it is a lathe or milling machine - the high standards run through the entire broad portfolio of the manufacturer to the accessories for machine tools.

If there are any particularly special requirements, we can also take individual customer concerns into account. This way, you get the tailor-made device for maximum efficiency and productivity.

Is there a German Bernardo dealer?

Yes there is a German Bernardo dealer. In our BHM machines online store you can choose from a wide range of machine tools.

After your online purchase, we will immediately take care of a quick delivery from the manufacturer's PWA or ELMAG factory in Austria, so that you can start working productively as soon as possible.

Secure payment methods such as PayPal ensure a smooth shopping experience. In our shop you will find much more than the already mentioned and well-known machines for sheet metal, wood and metal working: For example, in addition to lathes for model making, a Bernardo extraction system or lathes with digital display, you will also find bargains on sale, machine spare parts or machines for stone cutting.

In addition, we carry equipment for the logistics of your workshop. All products are clearly divided into categories. If you want background knowledge about metalworking machines, please visit our metalworking machine information portal. If you have any questions about our products, we will be happy to advise you by phone or e-mail.

Which machines does BHM-Maschinen offer in the online store?

In our BHM machines online specialized trade you will find a wide range of machines from Bernardo and ELMAG. To make it easier for you to find your way around, we have divided them into different categories.

The category "Sheet metal working" includes machine tools for sheet metal working, such as bending and edging machines, notching machines and sheet metal shears. Under "Woodworking machines" are listed machines for woodworking, for example wood turning machines, sawing and planing machines, wood splitters, Bernardo extraction systems as well as Bernardo radial fans.

This opens up a wide range of applications for craftsmen or even for model making. In the third category "metalworking machines" you can purchase suitable equipment for metalworking with milling machines, lathes and lathes as well as grinding machines and drilling machines. So if you are looking for a belt grinder, a pillar drilling machine or a column drilling machine, this is the right place. In the "Transport Technology" section, you will find roller stands and roller conveyors and Bernardo lifting tables, among other things, while "Workshop" offers machines underframes, workshop trolleys and ELMAG compressors.

Finally, under "Cleaning" and "Machine protection" you will find various equipment for the infrastructure of your workshop.Under "Bernardo spare parts" you can browse for bargains or specifically request individual machine spare parts.

Where can I find good craftsman tools?

Then you are exactly right in our BHM-Maschinen online machine trade! Whether industrial companies, professionals, model makers or hobby craftsmen - in addition to suitable machines for wood, sheet metal, metal and stone processing, everyone will also find a wide range of suitable tools and accessories.

Craftsmen, for example, will appreciate machine tools such as a lathe, a milling machine, a band saw or a pillar or column drill.

As far as transport is concerned, roller conveyors and various machine bases are also indispensable in factories. Of course, these are listed in our assortment, as well as machine guards and sandblasting equipment.

But also hobby craftsmen, handicraft companies or model makers will find suitable equipment and machine tools: For example, they can buy a model-making or hobby lathe, various table lathes and useful tools for the workshop, such as a workshop trolley or various abrasives online.

What are the advantages of Bernardo machines?

Quality, reliability, durability and maximum precision in manufacturing: With these characteristics, PWA in Linz has made a name for itself among customers and Bernardo dealers.

Whether it's a bench lathe, wood router or table saw, users can always rely on the experience of the company, which has been in business for over 30 years.

Strict standards and intensive internal quality controls ensure consistently high quality. Another plus point is the wide range of diverse machine tools for woodworking, metalworking and sheet metal working, which covers almost all application scenarios. In addition, as a German Bernardo dealer, we also offer equipment for lifting technology, transport, workshop infrastructure and stone processing, including suitable accessories.

If necessary, spare parts are also supplied and repairs carried out. Such a rich product portfolio is able to satisfy all needs from the professional to the hobby craftsman or model maker. Finally, thanks to the modern logistics infrastructure, rapid availability of the machines is guaranteed. A round package - see for yourself!

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