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Online machine dealer for für sheet metal, wood, stone and metal working. Great assortment of Bernardo machines and their spare parts in our machine business. Tools and machines for hobby craft and industry..

In our comprehensive assortment of machine tools, as e.g.column drilling machines, thicknessers, turning lathes, magnetic drills, dust collectors, angle benders or drilling machines you will find everything you need for professional processing of sheet metal, wood, metal and stone.

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At the BHM specialist shop from Germany with Bernardo machines, you as a company or do-it-yourselfer will find every kind of machine for metal working and woodworking plus the suitable accessories and spare parts!

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BHM-Maschinen: Your professional German online specialist shop for first-class machines.


High quality
Do you search top quality machines of reputable manufacturers like Bernardo for a fair price? Then you’ve arrived at the right place. We are a specialized online shop for high-quality equipment in the machining of wood, metal und sheet metal

In our comprehensive assortment of tools and machines, as e.g.column drilling machines, thicknessers, turning lathes, magnetic drills, bending machines oder drilling or milling machines you will find everything you need for professional processing of sheet metal, wood, stone and metal. Online, you can quickly and easily purchase Bernardo machines from in Germany.In case of questions, we are pleased to advise you in person on our products.

Safe payment methods
Our specialized online shop has been certified for high security in purchasing and safe payment methods like PAYPAL. We guarantee fast shipping..

Clearly categorized
Our products, as pallet trucks, bench drilling machines oder bandsaws can be found clearly arranged in the categories sheet metal, wood, metal, transport und stone. In the category Sale / Spare Parts you will find particularly favourable special offers. Hence, it is worth stopping by more frequently in order not to miss a hot deal.

To meet high expectations, we are offering only high-quality machines of stable value and of reputable manufacturers like Bernardo! Our customers’ investment has to pay off even in the long term.

Rapid supply of machine spares
Of course, you will enjoy a good spare partssupply in our company. Write us directly using our order firm an. If you need to reorder a certain component, e.g. for yourcolumn drilling machine, milling machine, grinding machine, dust collector or pallet truck,you can easily and quickly request that online and we will deliver single replacement parts in addition.

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