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Woodworking machines are indispensable in many areas. For example, in interior finishing, furniture making or even in the hobby cellar. Woodworking machines for DIY enthusiasts have become increasingly popular and affordable for DIY enthusiasts in recent years due to falling prices. BHM Maschinen offers a wide range of woodworking machines for DIY enthusiasts and professionals at an attractive price.

Here at BHM Maschinen, do-it-yourselfers and professional craftsmen can find the woodworking machines they need for their daily work or hobby. The range in our well-stocked online shop includes woodworking machines for do-it-yourselfers from simple hand-held circular saws to keyway milling machines and hardware drilling machines for professional users. In our shop you will find some high quality woodworking equipment, among others from Bernardo and Holzmann for commercial enterprises and hobby artists. A wide variety of equipment is needed for cutting or modelling wood. The woodworking machines that are most commonly used are woodturning machines, sawing machines and planing machines.

Are you a model maker? Hobby carpenter? Entrepreneur? No matter for what reason, in what way or from what profession you work with wood. Our woodworking machines will help you. Guaranteed! In the category "Extraction units for wood" you will find units with and without fine dust filter cartridges as well as radial fans. If you are looking for wood splitters, you will also find them here. Depending on the model, Bernardo log splitters are equipped with an electric or a power take-off drive. Some models are even equipped with both drive systems. In the category "Drilling, dowelling and mortising machines" you will find hardware drilling machines, dowel hole drilling machines, hollow mortising machines, keyway milling machines and Bernardo slot mortising machines. Planing knife grinding machines, saw blade grinding machines and universal sharpening machines we have summarised for you in the category "Sharpening machines". Tools, chucks and grinding wheels for woodworking, as well as accessories for all machines in our range can be found under "Accessories wood".

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Frequently asked questions about woodworking machines from dealers

Do I also get accessories for my woodworking machine in your machine shop?

Of course you can get a wide range of accessories for your woodworking machine in our online shop. In our assortment you will find all categories under "Accessories Bernado woodworking machines", such as accessories general, sanding discs for wet and dry sanders, accessories planing benches, accessories circular saws and many more. Do you need help or can't find something? Contact us, we will be happy to help you.

Which woodworking machines can I buy in your shop?

We carry a wide range of woodworking machines. For example, planers, Bernardo wood splitters, veneer presses, wood sawing machines, table milling machines and many more. Take a look at our categories of all woodworking machines right now. We are sure to have the right machine for you, if not we will be happy to advise and help you.

 Are there woodworking machines from Bernardo?

Yes, of course Bernardo also produces woodworking machines. In our BHM machine shop you will therefore find a wide range of corresponding machines from the Austrian manufacturer. We offer products for various applications - then we will be happy to advise you! Because we are sure: In the BHM woodworking shop, both the model maker and the experienced craftsman will find the right machine!

What types of woodworking machines does BHM Maschinen offer?

As an experienced woodworking machine dealer, we offer a very extensive range of woodworking machines from the manufacturers Bernardo Maschinen, BAMATO and Holzmann Maschinen. In our shop, ambitious do-it-yourselfers who value quality and demanding professional craftsmen will find every woodworking machine they need for their work. At BHM we stock surface/thickness planers, hand-held electric saws, extraction systems, milling machines, planer benches, band saws, combination machines and many other types of machines for precise woodworking.

Can woodworking machines be repaired?

Yes, our woodworking machines can be repaired in case of a defect. We are not only woodworking machine dealers, we also ensure a speedy repair of your woodworking machine in case of a defect. It doesn't matter whether it's woodworking machinery for do-it-yourselfers or for professionals. The manufacturers have designed their machines in such a way that they can be repaired quickly and without great effort in the event of a defect. For most machines, the supply of spare parts is guaranteed for many years to come.

Does BHM Maschinen also supply accessories for woodworking machines?

Yes, we are not only a woodworking machine dealer, we also supply all accessories needed for the use of our machines. For example, you can get accessories for wet and dry sanding machines, for four-sided planing and profiling machines or accessories for woodturning machines and precise feed devices here in the BHM Maschinen online shop.

For whom is it worth buying a woodworking machine?

With one or more specialised woodworking machines, completely new processing possibilities open up for craftsmen and do-it-yourselfers. For anyone who needs or wants to process wood quickly and accurately, a woodworking machine is a sensible investment. Therefore, one or more woodworking machines can be found in practically every hobby and professional workshop.

What are the advantages of buying a woodworking machine from BHM?

When you buy your new woodworking machine in the BHM online shop, you automatically enjoy the following advantages:

Detailed and professional advice
If you wish, you can receive detailed advice from us before you buy. Together with you, we will clarify which woodworking machine is best suited for your application, which accessories you need and much more. Our advice is free of charge and without obligation.
Secure payment
In our online shop you can choose the method of payment you prefer from various payment methods. Our shop is certified and payment is guaranteed secure. Your payment details are transmitted to us via an encrypted internet connection. Businesses simply pay us by invoice.
Fast and secure shipping
With us you can be sure that you will receive exactly the tool, accessory or machine you ordered. We deliver in-stock goods securely packed to your front door or workshop door within the shortest possible time.
Fast spare parts supply
A defect in your woodworking machines for do-it-yourselfers or professionals is rare at BHM Maschinen, and usually not a big problem. We have prepared an order form for spare parts that you only have to fill in and send to us. As a woodworking machine dealer, we will deliver the required spare part directly to you within a very short time after your order.

From which manufacturers do you stock woodworking machines for do-it-yourselfers and professionals?

In our online shop you will only find woodworking machines for do-it-yourselfers and professionals from renowned manufacturers. Our range includes woodworking machines from Bernardo, Holzmann and BAMATO, among others. The machines from these manufacturers are known for their performance and robust construction. We stock these machines because of their attractive price-performance ratio and good spare parts supply.

Bernardo Maschinen has its headquarters in Austria, but is present in more than 20 countries through representatives. Holzmann machines are still relatively young in the woodworking machine market. The company was only founded in 1995, but in the past two and a half decades it has been able to convince numerous customers throughout Europe of the quality of its products. BAMATO is the abbreviation of "Bavarian Machine Tools", a brand of Markmüller Maschinen GmbH based in Hofkirchen.

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