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Band saws for wood can be used in many different ways in the trade and should not be missing in any hobby workshop. The professional machines have an endless saw band, which is guided by rollers. This type of wood saw enables particularly clean cuts and allows low-vibration work. In our shop you can buy different versions of the band saw online at a reasonable price.

BBS550SMARTG Holzmann Bloch band saw with petrol engine
Our Bloch bandsaws are ideal for cutting soft, hard, dry or frozen wood or wood prisms with a length according to the machine construction.
3.459,90 EUR
19% VAT excl. Shipping costs
BBS550SMARTRB Holzmann extension track
594,90 EUR
19% VAT excl. Shipping costs
HBS245HQ230V Holzmann wood band saw
  • Cast iron table with precisely ground and polished surface can be swivelled forward up to 45
  • Rollers made of die-cast aluminium with special rubber coating ensure a long service life of the band saw blade
  • Saw blade width from 6mm to 12,7mm possible
445,90 EUR
19% VAT excl. Shipping costs
BBS350RB Holzmann extension track
410,90 EUR
19% VAT excl. Shipping costs
HBS230HQ230V Holzmann wood band saw
  • compact and light construction
  • easy transport with carrying handle
  • Suction connection
296,90 EUR
19% VAT excl. Shipping costs
Zipper Wood band saw ZI-BAS250
197,90 EUR
19% VAT excl. Shipping costs
Zipper Wood band saw ZI-BAS205
117,90 EUR
19% VAT excl. Shipping costs
BSB550SMARTB32 Holzmann band saw blade
100,90 EUR
19% VAT excl. Shipping costs
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Frequently asked questions about band saw for wood:

How does a band saw with band saw blade work?

Different types of band saws available
In this type of sawing machine, an endless saw band is guided over two or more rollers and driven by an electric motor. The band is safely guided in a saw bow. The steel band welded into a ring can easily cut through wood. Depending on the type of saw, the material to be sawn is guided against the band by a saw table, or the band is guided by lowering the saw bow through the material. Especially the stationary sawing machines with sawing table have been used in workshops and handicraft enterprises for decades. They enable fine, precise and clean cuts of different workpieces, but can also be used for cutting boards and beams, depending on the model. This type of saw also allows long cuts to be made without interruption. In our online shop you will find different versions of the Bernardo saw for every purpose, which can be used in many different ways in the trade, in the company and in the hobby workshop. Wood saws of this type can be equipped with different saw blades for different purposes and applications. Modern designs allow the band saw blades to be changed effortlessly by means of a quick-clamping device.

Wood saws with band are available in different types of construction. The classic wood band saw as a stationary machine has a saw table over which the workpiece to be sawn is guided. In addition, stops can be attached here, which guarantee a precise cutting result. We offer different versions of the Bernardo wood band saw, which differ, for example, in terms of maximum cutting height and passage width. Another variant of the sawing machine with band is the horizontal band saw. With this type of saw, the band saw blade runs in a saw bow, which can be lowered by hand. With this type of band saw you can also cut wood with mitre without any problems. Workpieces can be easily cut to length with this type of saw. The Bernardo log band saw is ideal for cutting beams or processing whole logs into beams and boards. These saws, which are sometimes used as mobile sawmills, are also ideal for mobile use in the petrol version. The band saw processes wood directly on site or on the construction site. Depending on the requirement profile, you can purchase a Bernardo log band saw with petrol engine or with electric motor from us.

Which band saw should I buy?

Saws with band saw blades are available in many different versions. The choice of a suitable saw depends on the respective requirement profile and the area of application. For professional users, such as carpenters or joiners, we offer robust and well-equipped machines in our online shop. Also for do-it-yourselfers and hobbyists you will find affordable models that make working in the hobby workshop much easier. The different models differ, for example, in terms of equipment and technical data. As a professional machine dealer we would be pleased to advise you by phone or email. Beside wooden band saws we also sell numerous other machine tools together with suitable accessories.

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