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Dust, smoke or exhaust fumes almost always lead to health problems and must therefore be consistently extracted and discharged. With a centrifugal fan for industry, such as a Bernardo centrifugal fan, air contaminated with dust, smoke or unpleasant odours can be quickly and reliably extracted and discharged from the work area or the workroom. In the BHM Maschinen online shop you will find various centrifugal fans suitable for every requirement and task.

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Frequently asked questions about centrifugal fans:


What is a centrifugal fan?

A centrifugal fan is one of two common fan designs. In these fans, which are sometimes referred to as worm fans because of their appearance, the air is sucked in perpendicular to the direction of rotation of the fan wheel, deflected through 90° and blown out of the housing again.

Where is a radial fan used?

A Bernardo centrifugal fan can be used for many different tasks. Among other things, centrifugal fans are used for:

  • fine waste transport of wood chips, metal or plastic shavings, smoke, dust, grains and other small particles
  • in ventilation and air-conditioning technology for supply and exhaust air
  • for the extraction of welding smoke or fine dust during sandblasting
  • for ventilation of commercial and industrial halls and workshops
  • for general drying, for construction drying and cavity drying.

A centrifugal fan for industry is used wherever air and odours have to be drawn in or extracted. For example, in industrial plants, workshops, in agriculture or in the catering trade. A typical application for a Bernardo centrifugal fan is, for example, dust extraction for woodworking machines from the same manufacturer. Thanks to the large volume flow, wood chips and wood dust can be reliably extracted directly at the processing point.

What advantages does an industrial centrifugal fan have over its axial counterpart?

One advantage of the centrifugal design is a significant reduction in the unwanted backflow of the intake air through the fan. Another advantage over an axial fan is the significantly higher pressure that can be achieved with an industrial centrifugal fan. Particles contained in the air can thus be transported over a greater distance and passed through filter systems more effectively. The lower noise development due to the design is also an advantage of centrifugal fans.

What are the disadvantages of a centrifugal fan?

Centrifugal fans have one disadvantage compared to axial fans. They are larger and require more space for installation. This extra space is often compensated for by the fact that centrifugal fans can be mounted directly in front of a wall or under a ceiling. The air drawn in is discharged to the side. With an axial fan, sufficient space must be provided in front of and behind the fan.

What is the most important feature of a centrifugal fan?

The most important criterion when selecting a centrifugal fan is the volume flow. The volume flow is given in m3/h and should be chosen so that it is sufficiently high for the purpose of the fan (plus a certain reserve). The higher the volume flow, the more exhaust air and dust per time unit etc. can be drawn in and removed by the fan.

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