Tube bending machine

With a tube bending machine from BHM Maschinen, the precise bending of tubes made of various materials with different diameters and wall thicknesses is done in no time. Bernardo tube bending machines for professional use and ambitious do-it-yourselfers are available from BHM Maschinen in two different versions as manual tube bending machine and hydraulic tube bending machine. Whether tube bending machine manual or tube bending machine hydraulic, every tube bending machine from BHM Maschinen offers high performance combined with a long service life and a favourable price. For example, the Bernardo HRB 20 S hydraulic tube bender for tubes up to 2 inch diameter and a wall thickness of up to 4.5 mm.
We offer you a comprehensive selection with different tube bending machines, suitable for your requirements. Regardless of whether you buy a manual or hydraulic tube bending machine, you can be sure that you are buying a high-quality and precise machine that will support and relieve you in your everyday work.

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Frequently asked questions about the tube bending machine:


Do certain safety precautions have to be taken when working with a tube bending machine?

For safe working with a tube bending machine, the workplace should always be clean and well lit. Before working with one of these machines for the first time, the manufacturer's operating instructions should be read carefully. With tube bending machines there is always a certain risk of crushing, which can be greatly minimised by being careful and conscientious when working. In addition, every tube bending machine should be regularly inspected for defects by an expert.

What are the different types of tube bending machine?

Tube bending machines come in two different types. For processing smaller per diameters, manually operated tube bending machines are well suited. For larger pipe diameters and harder materials, motor-driven pipe bending machines from the BHM Maschinen range are recommended. Our machines equipped with powerful drives are designed for continuous professional use.

Where are tube bending machines used?

Depending on the design, tube bending machines are suitable for ambitious do-it-yourselfers or for professional use in craft and industrial businesses. Professional locksmith's shops, metal processing companies and also specialist companies for heating and air-conditioning technology are usually equipped with manually and motor-driven tube bending machines and are thus well equipped for every application.

For whom is the purchase of a tube bending machine worthwhile?

The purchase of a tube bending machine is worthwhile for every craft and industrial business in which tubes with different diameters and wall thicknesses have to be bent precisely on a regular basis. Our tube bending machines from Bernardo make this work much easier. Without much effort, our tube bending machines enable the precise bending of tubes of different diameters and made of different materials.

Can a tube bending machine be repaired if necessary?

Basically, our tube bending machines are very robust and designed for tough everyday use in industry and trade. Nevertheless, it cannot be ruled out that there will be a defect at some point and the machine will need to be repaired. A repair is basically no problem with our tube bending machines. Defective parts of the machines can be replaced without any problems. Use our practical spare parts form to purchase spare parts.

Who are the manufacturers of the tube bending machines from BHM-Maschinen?

Currently you will find tube bending machines from Bernardo in our product range. Bernardo is a renowned machine wholesaler based in Austria. Bernardo's woodworking and metalworking machines enjoy an excellent reputation throughout Europe for their reliability and precision.

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