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Here at BHM-Maschinen Onlineshop we offer you an extensive range of guillotine shears. We have focused on the high-quality machine manufacturers Bernardo and ELMAG. Whether hobby workshop or industrial machine building, no matter what application you need to manage, we have the right machine for you. In our assortment you will find guillotine shears from a cutting length of 940mm to 3200mm. For the small purse and a maximum cutting length of 940mm and a material thickness of 1mm, our manual Bernardo FBS 1000 foot plate shear would be best suited. If it has to be a longer cut or a thicker material thickness, our Bernardo HKT 3200 x 12 Hydraulic Splitter Guillotine Shear would be the suitable one. Here lengths up to 3200mm, with a material thickness up to 12mm can be cut hydraulically.

As you can see, you will definitely find what you are looking for! If you need help or advice, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you!


Bernardo MTC 2500 x 4 NC Motorized guillotine shear
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Frequently asked questions about plate shear:


What is a plate shear?

A guillotine shear is a motor-driven or hand-operated machine tool for cutting sheets or plates of various materials. During cutting, the material to be cut is cut directly between two blades, one fixed and one movable, in one operation. The material to be cut lies on the straight machine table and is clamped there. The lower knife is flush with the table, fixed, and the upper shears the material to be cut. A guillotine shear allows very long and straight cuts and is very easy to use.

What is important when buying a guillotine shear?

The so-called cutting gap, or kerf, is an important quality criterion. The gap between the two blades should be as small as possible. A small cutting gap ensures a particularly clean, burr-free cut, but it also increases the amount of force required and puts more strain on the cutting tools.
The quality required when buying a guillotine shear also depends on what material, what length and how precise your task is that you want to accomplish. Depending on the application, a decision must be made between manual or pneumatic, hydraulic or motorized guillotine shears. We at BHM-Maschinen Onlineshop have the right machine for every requirement in our large assortment.

Can I simply order a guillotine shear online?

You can even buy a guillotine shear online effortlessly and easily. You can browse 24/7 in our BHM machines online store, at your leisure.
If you are already sure which model you want, it is only a few clicks in our BHM online store and your order is easily completed.
If you're still not sure which machine is right for you, you can browse our wide selection of guillotine shears online and find out at your leisure.

Do you still have questions about the individual models, about our services or are you still not sure which guillotine shear is the right one for you? We at BHM-Maschinen will be pleased to advise you. Please feel free to contact us.

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