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BAMATO - Bavarian Machine Tools is a young, dynamic brand from Bavaria and has made it its business to construct high-quality machines for private to commercial use. The strong team works consistently to expand the already extensive, existing range of machines and to further develop the individual machine programmes. BAMATO's top priority is the price/performance ratio.

BAMATO - Bavarian Machine Tools is a brand of Markmüller Maschinen GmbH.

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Frequently asked questions about Bamato?

What products does BAMATO offer?

In the BHM-Maschinen online shop, you will find a wide range of BAMATO products in the categories of garden technology, construction machinery, wood technology and other workshop equipment.

From complete machines, such as log band saws, track dumpers or log splitters, to

accessories, such as drilling attachments or mixing tools.

Why do I need an extraction system?

Extraction systems enable clean working at the workplace. BAMATO extraction units are supplied with an adapter set and are therefore compatible with most machines. The waste products, such as chips etc., are collected by the extraction systems and can then be disposed of properly.

Are BAMATO products also suitable for do-it-yourselfers?

The products from BAMATO - Bavarian Machine Tools are definitely also intended for do-it-yourselfers. Depending on the application requirements, the machines are also used in the private environment, such as the BAMATO tall grass cutters or the electric hand mixers.

The sizes and areas of application are also listed in the descriptions of the individual products.

Is the universal machine stand from BAMATO necessary?

The machine stand from BAMATO makes your work much easier. In addition to the raised position of the machines, which guarantees a more comfortable working posture, the firm stand of the machines facilitates direct use. It is suitable for most small machines, such as scroll saws or bench drills.

Why should I use the BAMATO high grass cutter and not a standard lawn mower?

The BAMATO high grass cutter or roundabout mower is intended for applications where a standard lawn mower reaches its limits. The BAMATO high grass cutter is primarily intended for high grass, scrub or dense weeds. Due to the better tyre tread, the roundabout mower is superior to the lawn mower in off-road conditions. In addition, the four blades are able to fold in case of resistance, such as stones or other obstacles, thus counteracting damage to the device.

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