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When laying stone tiles or slabs in the house or garden, adjustments to the size of the slabs must always be made. With a stone cutting machine, floor and wall coverings, not only of stone, can be cut very quickly and very precisely to the desired and required size. Equipped with a diamond cutting disc, even the hardest materials can be cut with minimal effort, but above all very accurately. In the online shop of BHM Maschinen, we offer you a large selection with stone cutting machines for every need and every requirement. Whether a Bernardo stone cutting machine or an ELMAG stone cutting machine, you will find the stone cutting machine you need with us. If not, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Frequently asked questions about stone cutting machines:


What can a stone cutting machine from BHM Maschinen be used for?

A stone cutting machine or stone cutting machine is a special machine for processing stone slabs or tiles of all kinds. Equipped with a diamond-tipped saw blade, very clean cutting edges can be achieved with a Bernardo stone cutting machine or ELMAG stone cutting machine. The mode of operation of such a stone cutting machine is basically the same as that of a cross-cut and mitre saw for wood or metal. The rotating saw blade is plunged into the workpiece and, if necessary, guided through it. In the process, the material is separated. To avoid excessive dust formation and overheating of the saw blade, water cooling is used during the work.


Does a stone cutting machine also work without water cooling?

In principle, a Bernardo stone cutting machine or an ELMAG stone cutting machine also works without water cooling. However, dry sawing without water cooling is not recommended under any circumstances. The saw blade will not withstand the resulting high temperatures for long. It will quickly become blunt and unusable without cooling. The diamond-tipped saw blades are relatively expensive, but last a very long time if well cared for. For this reason, water cooling should always be switched on, even for short saw cuts.


Can I also cut concrete slabs with a stone cutting machine?

Yes, it makes no difference to the stone cutting machine whether you are cutting a slab of natural stone or concrete. The important thing is that the saw blade is in 100% working order and the cooling system is functioning. When sawing concrete slabs, a well-functioning water cooling system is just as important as when sawing natural stone slabs. The saw dust should be completely bound by the water and under no circumstances should it be inhaled. If necessary, the wearing of a respiratory mask is recommended.


Is it possible to make angular cuts with a stone cutting machine?

Yes, depending on the machine, angle cuts can also be made with a stone cutting machine. As a rule, the machines are then equipped with an angle fence, which is used to place the slabs. The saw head with the saw blade is fixed on most machines and cannot be adjusted in angle - as is the case with a cross-cut saw.


For whom does it make sense to buy a stone cutting machine?

For companies that regularly have to lay floor and wall tiles or even patio and walkway slabs, a stone cutting machine is certainly a worthwhile investment. In other words, the purchase of a stone cutting machine makes sense primarily for craft businesses. Even for ambitious do-it-yourselfers or builders, one or the other stone cutting machine from our range is certainly a good choice.


Can a stone cutting machine from BHM Maschinen be repaired?

Like all our woodworking, metalworking and stone working machines, any stone cutting machine from our online shop can be repaired if necessary. To order spare parts, please use our special order form. Thanks to the good supply situation, spare parts are dispatched within the shortest possible time, so that the downtime of your Bernardo stone cutting machine or ELMAG stone cutting machine is minimal.


Who are the manufacturers of the stone cutting machine from BHM Maschinen?

When selecting our manufacturers, we always pay attention to the best possible quality and a good price-performance ratio. In the stone cutting machine category you can currently get stone cutting machines from Bernardo and Elmag. Bernardo is a well-known manufacturer under the umbrella of the PWA trading company based in Austria. ELMAG stone cutting machines also come from Austria. ELMAG has been known among professional craftsmen and ambitious do-it-yourselfers for many years for high-quality and high-performance machines for metal processing.


Do special safety precautions have to be observed when working with a stone cutting machine?

When working with an ELMAG stone cutting machine, a Bernardo stone cutting machine and any other stone cutting machine, certain safety regulations must be observed. For example, safety glasses must always be worn when working with a stone cutting machine. Wearing ear protection is also more than advisable. Clothing should always be tight-fitting when working with such a machine. It is also important that a stone cutting machine stands securely during work and does not wobble. And of course, the safety instructions of the machine manufacturer should be carefully read and always observed.

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