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A mini-dumper is the smaller version of a dump truck. The compact transport devices effortlessly move sand, gravel, crushed stone and other materials to where they are needed on construction sites and in gardens. Thanks to their robust construction and powerful engines combined with very easy operation, they have become increasingly popular in recent years. Not only professionals, but also more and more hobby gardeners swear by the performance of the modern mini tipper trucks. Here in the BHM Maschinen online shop, we offer you a large selection of mini tipper trucks in different designs and performance classes to suit every need and requirement.

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Frequently asked questions about the mini-dumper:


What is a mini dumper?

A mini dumper is a small, compact and versatile construction vehicle designed to transport earth, gravel, sand and other loose materials. A mini dumper consists of a loading body, a wheeled or tracked chassis, a robust drive motor and an operating unit. Another term often used is motorised wheelbarrow. The name dumper comes from English and simply means tipper truck in German.

Where are mini-dumpers used?

Despite their small size, mini-dumpers are very versatile construction machines that are used in various fields of work, for example on construction sites, in gardening and landscaping, in agriculture or even in waste and recycling companies. Due to their compact size, they are particularly suitable for use in areas with limited space. The compact machines can also be used in buildings: Because of their small width, they fit through conventional doorways.

What is the loading capacity of a mini-dumper?

The load capacity of a mini-dumper can vary depending on the model and manufacturer. In general, the motorised wheelbarrows such as the Lumag MINI-TRANSPORTER with four-wheel drive MD-300R have a load capacity of about 200 kg up to about 800 kg such as the Lumag MINI-RAUPENDUMPER MD-800HPRO with KIPPHYDRAULIK.

How are mini dumpers driven?

Mini dumpers from the BHM Maschinen online shop are powered by 4-stroke petrol engines - for example the Lumag MINI-TRANSPORTER with four-wheel drive MD-300R - or electric motors such as the Lumag ELEKTRO DUMPER MD-450RE. Dumpers with petrol engines offer a flexible range of applications and a long service life. Electric-powered minidumpers are quieter, produce no emissions and are well suited for indoor or environmentally sensitive areas.

Is a driver's licence required to operate a mini-dumper?

The requirements for operating a mini-dumper can vary depending on jurisdiction and local regulations. In many places, appropriate training and certification may be required to ensure safe and efficient operation. It is important to consult local authorities and complete the required training before operating a mini-dumper.

Who are mini-dumpers suitable for?

Buying a mini-dumper is worthwhile for all businesses and companies where loose materials such as sand, gravel, stones and other materials and supplies need to be transported in large quantities on a regular basis. They are ideal tools for construction companies and companies in the gardening and landscaping sector. If you want to buy a mini-dumper, you should consider various points to ensure that the work tool meets your own requirements.

Buying a mini-dumper - what should you look out for?

Especially the size of the machine and the payload are important for the work application. They should not be chosen too small. The question of whether a tipping body or loading area is needed should also be clarified before buying a dumper. A tipping body should be chosen if loose materials such as excavated earth, sand, gravel or crushed stone often have to be transported. A flat loading area with fold-down side walls and a tipping function is ideal if coarser materials such as paving stones have to be transported to their destination. Last but not least, the type of undercarriage, whether tracked or wheeled, also plays a role. Which undercarriage is most suitable depends on the main places of use.
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