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Do you want to machine the corners or edges of a metal object? Are you dealing with a metal workpiece whose surface you want to remove a coating from? Congratulations: In our category grinding machines for metalworking you have come to the right place. Help is waiting for you in our online shop - no matter which application you are dealing with. The practical thing about it: You can order your machine from us by online order and also buy it online right away - from the comfort of your sofa. In our assortment you can buy the following Bernardo sanding machines online: Chamfering machine, belt sanding machine, drill sanding machine, double sanding machine, surface sanding machine, edge chamfering machine, fillet seam sanding machine, combination sanding machine, wet sanding machine, dry sanding machine, polishing machine, pipe sanding machine, cylindrical sanding machine, satin finishing machine, graver sanding machine, plate sanding machine and universal sanding machine.

Zimmer Praktika 210 Belt and Disc Grinding Machine
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Zimmer Mistral 616-2H machine for deburring, grinding, polishing
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Zimmer Mistral 663-2H machine for brushing, deburring, polishing
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Zimmer Speedy 119 Polishing and Deburring Machine
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Zimmer Speedy 126 Grinding and Polishing Machine
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Zimmer Speedy 134 Polishing and Deburring Machine
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Zimmer Rumba 405-2H disc grinder
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Frequently asked questions about grinding machines:

What is a grinding machine?

A grinding machine is a device that can be used to process workpieces made of certain materials - in this case metal. Depending on the area of application, the grinding machine helps, for example, to shape corners or edges on workpieces to the desired form or to smooth surfaces and remove unwanted coatings. A distinction is made between several types of grinding machine. While some machines use a so-called grinding wheel, others use a grinding belt for metal processing.

What can grinding machines be used for?

Grinding machines are always used when workpieces need to be finished, i.e. to give them the proverbial "final touch". Possible applications are, for example, the working out of corners and edges or the smoothing of surfaces. Other grinding machines are used to polish surfaces and make them shine.

How do I clean and maintain a grinding machine?

The grinding machine should always be cleaned after each completed machining process. In this way, you ensure that the next workpiece is not affected by metal chips lying around, and you can usually extend the service life of the machine. To clean the housing, it is best to use the coarse side of a damp sponge. For the dust that inevitably sticks to the motor and abrasive after a grinding process, a compressed air spray is a good choice. You should clean the abrasive especially when you use your machine for polishing. In this way, you avoid annoying impurities that arise when the dust mixes with the polish or paint. In order to achieve a perfect result, you should replace the abrasive at regular intervals - you will find supplies in our accessories category. Also do not forget to check the power cord at regular intervals. Does the cable of your appliance show any damage? Do not hesitate to contact us - we will provide you with the necessary spare parts.

Can I borrow a grinding machine from BHM-Maschinen?

No, sorry, we limit ourselves exclusively to the sale of Bernardo sanding machines.

What do I have to consider when grinding?

Basically, the following applies: Take several grinding processes into account for each workpiece. The reason for this is that different grain sizes are usually used for grinding. You start with the coarsest and finish with the finest. Caution: The higher the specified value of the grain size, the finer the abrasive. The finer the abrasive, the smoother the surface. For your own health, you should wear protective goggles and a dust mask during the grinding process.

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