Do you need to drill long holes precisely and straight into your wooden workpiece? Then you have come to the right place in our BHM-Maschinen online shop. In the category long hole drilling machines you will find our machines from the most renowned manufacturer Bernardo. We have the right one for you in stock. For hobbyists and little space, our compact Bernardo LBM 150 - 230 V slot drilling machine would be perfect. Our features Bernardo LBM 350 T slot drilling machine, on the other hand, is best suited for higher demands and large parts, such as doors and windows. No matter what length or diameter you want to drill, no matter what project you want to work on, you will find it here in our BHM-Maschinen online shop. Simply buy your machine from us online or send us an enquiry.

What do I need a Bernardo slot mortising machine for?

Slot drilling machines are used, as the name suggests, to drill long holes, mostly in wood. In principle, they are like an ordinary drilling machine, but they are not operated manually, instead they run on guide rails. In addition, the long-hole drills themselves have another special feature: the spiral of the drill is made of a fine thread and so the excess chips are transported to the outside even from deep, long holes. This means that it is virtually impossible for the hole to be drilled to become clogged during the drilling process. A long-hole drilling machine is mainly used in woodworking.

Which machine supplier do you have?

In the BHM-Maschinen online shop you can get high quality slotted hole drilling machines from Bernardo.Bernardo is one of the most renowned manufacturers in this field, produces very high quality machines and the spare parts supply is particularly good.

Do the Bernardo slot mortising machines for wood have a dowel drilling device?

Almost all of our Bernardo slot mortising machines have a dowel drilling device included in the scope of delivery. For example our top model the Bernardo LBM 220 slot mortising machine for extra large workpieces. But also for hobbyists our small and compact Bernardo LBM 150 - 230 V slot mortising machine allows drilling in rows without any problems due to the included dowel drilling device. You will find all other delivery scopes and features in the categories of the individual machines. Have a look at our offered slot drilling machines right away.

How high should the speed of the slot drilling machine be?

The speed depends on the diameter of the drill bit or the hole to be drilled. The length of the hole also plays a role. Basically you can say that the longer and more precise the hole should be, the higher the speed should be selected. The slot drilling machines from BHM-Maschinen Onlineshop all have a TOP speed range of 2800 rpm and 2850 rpm. Our Bernardo LBM 350 T slot mortising machine, for example, can also be reduced to 1400 rpm!

What power does a slot mortising machine for wood have to have?
Since a slot mortising machine is supposed to produce very long, precise holes, it needs a very high power, i.e. a powerful motor, to be able to achieve optimum drilling performance. With 1000-2000 watts, you are well equipped for non-industrial use! Our long hole drilling machines from BHM-Maschinen Onlineshop have a motor power of 1.5kW to 3.0kW. If you are not sure which power you need, do not hesitate to contact us - we will be happy to advise you and together we will find the right machine for you.
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