Beading machine

Do you want to stiffen thin-walled material or design certain components with beading? A beading machine is ideal for reinforcing many materials, such as sheet metal, tubes or containers, and is even increasingly used in car body construction.

The beading machine is used to drive channel-shaped depressions to many different shapes. It is therefore used wherever the force of a sheet needs to be distributed in order to achieve a higher load capacity. In car body construction, beading can even be used to prevent droning noises on flat sheets.

A beading machine consists of two rolls, which are usually interchangeable. One is the positive die, the other the negative die. During use, the sheet is pulled through the two rollers. The pressure generated causes the sheets to be rolled and the desired beads are produced.  


SKM200 Holzmann beading machine incl. change rolls
  • for the production of various pipe connections
  • incl. 6 different flanging and beading rollers
  • rotating machine body and table clamping device
256,90 EUR
19% VAT excl. Shipping costs
SKM470S Holzmann manual beading machine
  • solid construction
  • suitable for the production of various pipe connections
  • incl. 6 different beading rollers
316,90 EUR
19% VAT excl. Shipping costs
SKM250PRO Holzmann beading machine
  • Heavy beading machine
  • Cast iron construction
  • suitable for the production of various pipe connections
792,90 EUR
19% VAT excl. Shipping costs
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Frequently asked questions about the beading machine:

Should certain safety precautions be taken when using a beading machine?

For trouble-free use of a beading machine, the workplace should be well lit and always clean. In addition, always pay attention to the machine's warning signs, as they indicate risks of injury, such as electrical voltage or crushing hazards due to rotating rollers. In addition, it is important to check the beading machine regularly for possible defects.

What are the different types of beading machines?

Beading machines are divided into manual and motorized. The manual beading machine is particularly suitable for thinner sheets. The sheets are formed with the aid of a beading block and a beading hammer. The motorized beading machine, on the other hand, is equipped with a drive, which is why it is also suitable for thicker sheets.

In which areas are beading machines used?

Beading machines are used in the private as well as in the commercial sector. For the most part, the machines are integrated in industry as an integral part of production. Especially metal companies should have many different beading machines. But also in installation companies for heating or air conditioning beading machines are common.

Is it worth buying a beading machine?

A beading machine enables above all more effective and faster work, since hardly any own effort is required. But also the easy operation offers a great advantage. So, if you want to work easily and quickly, it is definitely worth buying a beading machine!

Is it possible to repair a beading machine?

Our beading machines are built very robust and durable. Parts that can be damaged are all replaceable and inexpensive to repurchase via our spare parts form, we offer you a spare parts supply for up to 10 years. The drive motor, on the other hand, is subject to natural wear.

Who are the manufacturers of beading machines from BHM-Maschinen?

Our largest and most important beading machine manufacturers are Bernardo, ELMAG and Holzmann.
Bernardo is a machinery wholesaler in Austria, which has a very wide distribution network with more than 26 countries.
ELMAG is a machine trade with a great success story and is still developing every day. Beading machines from the manufacturer ELMAG have a 2-year warranty and a 15-year spare parts guarantee. Holzmann is also a successful trading company, with a history that goes far back in time.All these manufacturers offer beading machines with good quality. No matter whether Bernardo beading machine or ELMAG beading machines.

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