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Regular pruning of trees and shrubs on the property is necessary for a well-kept garden and the outside areas of a commercial or industrial property. This pruning usually produces a lot of green waste, which is often very bulky. Shredding is essential so that this waste can decompose in a space-saving manner. For this task, we offer professionals and hobby gardeners practical devices, so-called wood shredders. In this category of the BHM online shop, you will find powerful wood shredders from Bamato and Zipper for the home garden and for professional use.


Zipper Shredder ZI-HAEK11000
1.795,90 EUR
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Zipper garden shredder quiet ZI-GHAS2800
237,90 EUR
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BAMATO blade set for wood chipper HACK-150
77,90 EUR
19% VAT excl. Shipping costs
BAMATO blade set for wood chipper HACK-100
63,90 EUR
19% VAT excl. Shipping costs
BAMATO counter knife for wood chipper HACK-150
44,90 EUR
19% VAT excl. Shipping costs
BAMATO blade screw for wood chipper HACK-100
4,90 EUR
19% VAT excl. Shipping costs
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Frequently asked questions about wood chippers:

What is a wood chipper?

A wood chipper is a specialised garden machine designed for shredding branches from tree and shrub cuttings. When you buy a wood chipper, you get a simple and robust machine. Essentially, a wood chipper consists of a feed hopper for the cuttings, a motor-driven blade unit and an ejector. The blades at the lower end of the feed hopper are driven by an electric motor in shredders for private gardens and by a powerful petrol engine in professional shredders. The clippings are fed in by hand. As soon as the blades engage, the clippings are automatically pulled into the machine.

What wood can be processed with a wood chipper?

Practically all types of wood can be processed with a modern chipper such as the Zipper ZI-HAEK15000 chipper. The softer the wood, for example softwood, the larger the branch diameters that a chipper can process. With hardwood such as beech or oak, the machines can generally only cleanly process slightly smaller diameters than specified by the manufacturer.

What criteria are important when choosing a wood chipper?

Before you buy a wood chipper, you should consider what types of clippings are to be processed with the machine. The type and size of the clippings will determine the overall design of the chipper and the type of motorisation. The size that can be processed is generally limited by the clear width of the feed hopper. Professional shredders such as the BAMATO HACK-120 wood chipper can shred branches with a diameter of up to 120 mm thanks to the 9 kW drive motor and a large hopper.

What needs to be considered when working with a wood chipper?

The chipper should be set up on a firm surface so that the machine cannot wobble or roll away during operation. It is essential that the operator wears close-fitting clothing and sturdy shoes. Good hearing protection and safety goggles are also important. Depending on the type of wood being chipped, a dust mask should also be worn. When you buy a wood chipper, safety accessories are often already included in the scope of delivery.

What are the advantages of wood chipping?

Processing with a shredder can significantly reduce the volume of waste in garden and landscape maintenance. In addition, shredded branches can be used as a compost base or for mulching, for example in a strawberry bed.

How is a wood chipper maintained?

The housing can be cleaned inside and out with a damp cloth. A high-pressure cleaner should not be used, as the housing is not necessarily waterproof and could damage the motor. It is important to check the blades after each use and before putting them away in autumn. The blades should be free of nicks and as sharp as possible. To prevent rust, the metal parts of the shredder can be treated with a preservative oil.

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