Edge Bending Machines

An edge banding machine is indispensable when the surrounding edges of table tops, worktops or shelves with the same veneer as the large surfaces or another material are to be visually matched and protected from damage. Edges made of veneer wood or plastic are glued to the panel materials with special hot-melt adhesives. With an edge banding machine from the BHM Maschinen online shop, this work is done quickly and accurately.

KAM535400V Holzmann edge banding machine
  • semi-automatic edge banding machine
  • the machine is not only suitable for straight edges but also especially for curved edges
  • Direct glue delivery on straight and curved edges
2.666,90 EUR
19% VAT excl. Shipping costs
KAM55V230V Holzmann edge banding machine including accessories
  • for straight, curved and curved edges up to a minimum radius of approx. 20mm
  • infinitely variable temperature control from 120°-180
  • for gluing PVC, ABS, melamine or veneer edges
1.129,90 EUR
19% VAT excl. Shipping costs
KAM45PRO230V Holzmann mobile edge banding machine with dispenser
  • handy, mobile edge banding unit
  • ideal for assembly use or in workshops
  • Display for temperature control
1.129,90 EUR
19% VAT excl. Shipping costs
KAM65PROSET Holzmann accessory set for KAM65PRO
  • Edge milling cutter
  • for the precise processing of various materials such as solid wood or PVC
  • with durable and powerful motor
574,90 EUR
19% VAT excl. Shipping costs
KAM50M230V Holzmann edge banding machine from 50C to 610C
  • for gluing hot-melt adhesive-coated edges of veneer, plastic, etc.
  • guide jaws infinitely adjustable to material width
  • equally suitable for round and straight workpieces
316,90 EUR
19% VAT excl. Shipping costs
KAMK25 Holzmann adhesive granulate
227,90 EUR
19% VAT excl. Shipping costs
KAMK5 Holzmann adhesive granulate
110,90 EUR
19% VAT excl. Shipping costs
VST3000 Holzmann gluing stand
  • solid steel construction
  • easily height-adjustable press units
  • simple and fast movement of the press units
1.950,00 EUR
19% VAT excl. Shipping costs
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Frequently asked questions about the edge banding machine:


What is an edge banding machine?

An edge banding machine belongs to the machine tools. These machines are specially designed to glue ABS, PVC, melamine and veneer edges to the edges of panel materials, such as chipboard or MDF panels.

Why should an edge banding machine not be used in draughty conditions?

Draughts can cause gluing errors when working with an edge banding machine. This often happens in summer when working with open windows and doors. Draughts can cause the hot-melt adhesive that has just been applied to cool down too quickly and thus lose its ability to bond.

Attention should also be paid to the temperature. The room temperature must be at least 18° C for perfect gluing. For this reason, the materials to be glued should be stored at room temperature for at least 24 hours in winter before being processed with an edgebander or mobile edgebander.

Especially when working with a mobile edge banding machine in winter, care must be taken to ensure that the entire machine is warmed up to room temperature. If the mobile edge banding machine is too cold, this can also lead to problems during lending.


Which adhesive is suitable when high water and heat resistance is required?

For many years now, the use of PUR adhesives has been common practice when processing bathroom furniture with an edge banding machine. In the meantime, it has become apparent that the ever-increasing use of steam cookers, kettles, espresso machines and other appliances, exposure to steam and heat also poses a new challenge for kitchen furniture. Over time, both heat and water vapour can affect and damage the EVA glues that have been used up to now. For durable gluing, a PUR adhesive should therefore also be used for kitchen furniture.

What is a glue rack?

A gluing stand or gluing stand with frame press unit is basically a large metal frame with devices for supporting the workpieces and the hydraulic press plungers with which the workpieces to be glued are pressed together and fixed. Such a stand is thus an ergonomic and economically interesting alternative to gluing with screw clamps and trestles. The workpieces to be glued are placed on the stand and the tools are aligned accordingly. A grid helps to align the supports for the workpiece and the tools quickly and exactly. Another advantage is that the tools and the supports can be fixed in a position that is favourable for a comfortable working posture, depending on the size of the workpieces.

For whom is a gluing stand with frame press unit worthwhile?

A robust gluing stand such as the VSTR3000 from Holzmann with frame press unit from the BH Maschinen online shop is part of the basic workshop equipment in practically every joinery and other woodworking companies. If larger workpieces or frames have to be glued regularly, then a stable gluing stand is indispensable. With a pressing force of up to 2 tons per cylinder, the workpieces and frames are pressed together for permanent gluing and fixed until the glue has hardened.

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