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Preparing sheet metal, pipes and metal profiles so that they can be precisely processed or seamlessly joined together is the task of a notching machine from the BHM Maschinen online shop. Notching pipes is done in no time with a special pipe notching machine from our online shop. In our online shop you will find notching machines in various designs in an extensive selection and always at favourable prices. And of course we also offer the right accessories for the notching machines we offer. Just take a look around. If you cannot find the notching machine you need, please contact us. We are sure that we can procure any machine required for your needs at favourable conditions.

ELMAG Hydraulic notching machine EKN6
28.888,90 EUR
19% VAT excl. Shipping costs
AKG100 Holzmann notching machine
  • robust notching machine made of high-quality grey cast iron, with high pressing force
  • for punching out shapes, corners and much more
  • burr-free cut through precision cutting elements made of high-quality steel
752,90 EUR
19% VAT excl. Shipping costs
RAM61 Holzmann pipe notching machine
  • 910mm long trigger with eccentric transmission
  • for notching of tubes up to 3mm wall thickness
  • especially suitable for gas, stainless steel, NE and steam pipes
346,90 EUR
19% VAT excl. Shipping costs
RAM43 Holzmann pipe notching machine
  • 910mm long trigger with eccentric transmission
  • for notching of tubes up to 3mm wall thickness
  • especially suitable for gas, stainless steel, NE and steam pipes
286,90 EUR
19% VAT excl. Shipping costs
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Frequently asked questions about notching machines:


What is the difference between notching and punching?

Notching workpieces with a tube notching machine or a general notching machine is a variant of so-called shear cutting. Notching is therefore related to punching. With shear cutting, the punching line is not cut in one piece, but progressively, as with scissors. With notching, also with a notching machine for tubes, an open cutting line is always made from the edge of the workpiece so that a part is cut off. The workpiece is then further processed at this point by welding or forming. When notching tubes (round tubes), this cutting edge is always a circular section or the section of an ellipse.

For whom does it make sense to buy a notching machine / notching machine for pipes?

A notching machine or notching machine for tubes can be used in very many areas of metal processing, both in the trade and in industry. They are used to prepare sheets, tubes or metal profiles for further processing or to produce a final shape.

Which accessories for notching machines are available at BHM Maschinen?

In our online shop we stock all the accessories you need for operating a notching machine and notching tubes. You will find all the brand accessories for our notching machines in our online shop, from various cutting blade sets to collecting containers for chips.

Can a pipe notching machine from BHM Maschinen be repaired?

Not only a tube notching machine can be repaired. All other notching machines can also be quickly repaired if necessary. The machines are designed in such a way that defective parts can be replaced in a few simple steps and within a very short time. This reduces downtimes to a minimum. The supply of spare parts for our machines is generally very good. We have provided a separate form for you to order spare parts.

Who are the manufacturers of the notching machines from BHM Maschinen?

Bernardo Maschinen, Holzmann Maschinen and ELMAG are the three manufacturers from whom we carry various high-quality notching machines in our online shop. Since the mid-1990s, Holzmann has not only been manufacturing notching machines for sheet metal and profiles and machines for notching pipes for professional use. Holzmann is known throughout Europe for robust and inexpensive woodworking and metalworking machines of various designs.

Bernardo Maschinen is a well-known and respected manufacturer of woodworking and metalworking machines based in Austria. Bernardo is an independent brand belonging to the PWA trading company. Our third supplier, ELMAG is also an Austrian company. ELMAG is appreciated by customers in many countries for its high quality and very efficient metalworking machines for industry and trade.

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