Stone band saw

Concrete, stone and other hard materials have to be sawn time and again in house construction and landscaping. With a stone band saw from the BHM Maschinen online shop, this work can be done quickly and precisely. A stone band saw is designed so that hard materials can be processed using the dry and/or wet cutting method. If you want to buy a stone band saw, you should pay attention to certain criteria.

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Frequently asked questions about the stone band saw:

Which materials can be processed with a stone band saw from BHM Maschinen?

Band masonry saws are primarily used for processing stones, concrete, bricks and other hard workpieces on construction sites. A distinction is made between dry cutting and wet cutting. This means that a distinction is made between saws with and without cooling water feed.

Open-pored materials such as aerated concrete, lightweight concrete, expanded clay and insulation boards are processed using the dry cutting method. Cooling water is not used, as it can penetrate the pores of the materials. A carbide saw blade is required for this work. Other materials that can be processed in the dry-cutting process with a diamond saw blade are bricks with an apparent density >1.1 kg / dm3 and sand-lime bricks.

In wet-cutting mode, a stone band saw is used for tiles, clinker, concrete, natural stone and artificial stone. Water does not harm these materials. A diamond saw blade is used for these jobs.


Do I need a special coolant for a stone band saw?

No, a special coolant is not required for working with a stone band saw from the online shop of BHM Maschinen. In the wet cutting process, only pure water is used to cool the saw blade and the workpiece. Special coolants, such as those used for metal saws, can damage the materials and cause stains.

Is it necessary to wear personal protective equipment when working with a stone band saw?

If you buy a stone band saw and do not yet have your own protective equipment, you should buy it at the same time. You should wear hearing protection and safety goggles when working with a band saw. It is also advisable to wear work gloves and a respirator when dry sawing. As a rule, sturdy footwear should also be worn so that a secure footing is guaranteed during sawing.

What should I pay particular attention to when buying a stone band saw?

To ensure that large and heavy workpieces can be safely guided when working with a stone band saw, the saw should offer as large a work table as possible. Another important quality feature is the power of the motor. When buying a stone band saw, you should make sure that the motor has a sufficiently high power.

For professional use, stone band saws with a 400 volt motor are recommended. These motors usually have a higher torque and offer more power than motors for a 230 volt connection. Depending on the work to be done, the saw table should be tiltable over a wide range so that mitre cuts can be made without any problems. Last but not least, it should be considered before buying whether a machine is needed for wet or dry cutting or for both sawing methods.

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