The right machine for every purpose

The right machine for every purpose


Max. 150 h / year
Average use:
2 h / day or 25% duty cycle


Max. 300 h / year
Average use:
3 h / day or 50% duty cycle


Max. 600 h / year
Average use:
3 h / day or 90% duty cycle


Max. 1500 h / year
Average use:
8 h / day or 90% duty cycle

The right machine for every purpose

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The right machine for every purpose

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The right machine for every purpose

Zimmer Praktika 210 Belt and Disc Grinding Machine
1.255,90 EUR
Zimmer Mistral 616-2H machine for deburring, grinding, polishing
1.980,90 EUR
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Bernardo machines

Bernardo Maschinen

BERNARDO has been a brand of the family-owned company PWA since 1997. In 1979, PWA was founded in Linz, Austria, to distribute high-quality machines and equipment. Initially, this was done in retail, until 1993, when the company switched to wholesale. Today 28 employees, on a total area of 9400 sqm, take care of the distribution of high quality machines, in over 26 countries.

Bernardo surface grinding machine BSG 80160 PLC
108.885,90 EUR
19% VAT excl. Shipping costs
1 to 72 (from a total of 2820)

Frequently asked questions about Bernardo machines:

What machines does BHM machines from Bernardo offer?

Bernardo offers you high quality wood, metal, and sheet metal working machines and matching accessories. You can find over nearly two thousand products manufactured by Bernardo in our BHM machines online store. From A, like the Bernardo folding machine, to Z, like the Bernardo cycle lathe, we offer you a wide variety of machines, where you are sure to find the right one for you. 

For whom are Bernardo machines suitable?

Bernardo machines offer a wide range of possible applications. You will find machines that are designed for the hobby home craftsman, machines that are designed for professional applications and machines that are used in industrial applications. If you have individual questions or are unsure which machines are suitable for your working methods, we will be happy to advise you.

What is the quality of Bernardo machines?

All production facilities are designed to develop high quality products. Since 2010, Bernardo products have undergone regular voluntary CE conformity checks by TÜV Austria Services GmbH. The support provided by TÜV Austria Services GmbH, as well as the fact that quality checks at Bernardo are carried out exclusively by experienced and qualified inspectors, assure you of a high-quality, safe and precise product.

What service does the manufacturer Bernardo offer?

At Bernardo, service is already an important component before purchasing Bernardo products. Due to the close cooperation with customers and suppliers Bernardo is always up to date and thus always tries to optimize and complete all products. Even after the purchase of products Bernardo is available for advice and support. With the help of the 500 sqm large spare parts warehouse, Bernardo is able to respond to the needs of the customer as quickly as possible. Bernardo offers a 10-year spare parts supply and 1-year warranty on all products.

Which additional reasons speak for Bernardo machines?

Bernardo assures, besides the high quality, the reliable service and the wide range of products, additionally an optimal price-performance ratio, as well as a fast delivery. Due to the long experience of over 40 years, you are with the machines of Bernardo in the best hands with your machine trade BHM. 

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