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Discover the diverse world of transport and lifting technology at BHM Maschinen! Our wide range in this category offers you the best solutions for the safe lifting and smooth transport of heavy and bulky loads in your company. We know how important efficiency and safety are in your working environment and therefore offer you lifting technology products of the highest quality. Lifting technology from BHM Maschinen is your answer to the challenges of everyday material handling. With our first-class equipment, you can move heavy machine parts, crates, pallets and other objects with ease. We know that the safety of your employees and the integrity of your products are of the utmost importance. That's why we offer you lifting technology products from well-known manufacturers such as Bernardo Maschinen, Holzmann Maschinen and JUNG, which have been tried and tested in practice for years. If you are looking for a special lifting technology product, our experts will be happy to help you fulfil your requirements. For professional use in your company, we offer a wide range of Bauer forklift attachments that optimise and accelerate your material handling. From fork extensions to crane hooks, we have the right attachment to optimise your logistics processes. Our high-quality roller conveyors and roller stands ensure the smooth transport of your goods and merchandise. This makes them the ideal addition to your transport solutions. Our pallet trucks and pallet trucks from Bernardo are the ideal companions for in-house goods transport. They impress with their robustness and easy handling. Our Bernardo electric pedestrian stackers offer performance and flexibility for your requirements. They allow you to move heavy loads easily and safely. Our hydraulic lift tables and stackers are the perfect choice for lifting and transporting heavy loads. They are versatile and enable precise positioning. With our scissor lift trucks and scissor lift tables, you can position and transport goods at the desired height. This increases the efficiency of your work processes. We offer a wide range of other products for your transport and lifting requirements, such as roller lifts, crane scales, vibratory plates and minidumpers. BHM Maschinen is proud to offer you high quality solutions for your lifting and transport needs. Our products are built for durability, efficiency and safety and will be invaluable to your business operations. Contact us today and let our experts help you find the perfect solution for your business. Rely on BHM machines to optimise your material flow and simplify your work processes.

Bernardo FRS-1 Folding castor stand
93,90 EUR
19% VAT excl. Shipping costs
Bernardo PTW 300 plate roller
258,90 EUR
19% VAT excl. Shipping costs
Bernardo RB 2 - 1650 roller conveyor in light version
308,90 EUR
19% VAT excl. Shipping costs
Bernardo RB 3 - 1800 roller conveyor in light version
310,90 EUR
19% VAT excl. Shipping costs
UFE450 Holzmann universal mobile unit
118,90 EUR
19% VAT excl. Shipping costs
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Frequently asked questions about lifting technology:


What lifting technology does BHM Maschinen stock?

In the BHM Maschinen online shop you will find all the machines and equipment you need for safely lifting and transporting heavy and bulky objects. Among other things, we stock:

Forklift attachments, roller conveyors & roller stands, machine jacks, transport trolleys & transport rollers, pallet and roller lift trucks, lift tables, hydraulic stackers, scissor lift trucks & scissor lift tables and much more.

If you cannot find a particular lifting device or transport vehicle, please contact us. We are confident that we can source any lifting equipment or lifting technology you require promptly for you at an attractive price.


Why should I buy my lifting equipment from BHM Maschinen?

We are an experienced dealer for machines, tools, lifting technology and workshop equipment. With us, you benefit from a number of advantages that you may not find with other dealers. For example, we offer you:

Renowned manufacturers and first-class quality

We only offer lifting equipment from renowned manufacturers who are known for the high quality of their products. You will not find cheap brands with us.

Professional, free advice

We will not leave you out in the cold when it comes to choosing your lifting equipment. If you do not know which equipment is suitable for you, we will be happy to advise you free of charge and without obligation. Just get in touch with us. We are sure that we can help you.

Prompt spare parts supply

If a repair should be necessary again, we will provide you with all the spare parts you need in a timely manner. Use our simple order form to order spare parts.

Customer-friendly payment methods

When you buy machines, equipment or tools in the BHM Maschinen online shop, you can choose your preferred payment method from various payment methods. Payment is secure in our online shop. Your data is transmitted to us in encrypted form.

Fast and secure shipping

At BHM Maschinen you never have to wait long for your order. We ship all ordered and in-stock goods securely packed and promptly after your order.


Does BHM Maschinen also supply accessories for lifting technology?

Yes, we also supply accessories for lifting and transporting equipment. For example, crane scales, roller stands & roller conveyors or also manoeuvring aids and special devices for handling drums.


Do certain safety precautions have to be observed when working with lifting equipment?

When lifting and transporting heavy and bulky objects, care must be taken to ensure that the equipment and lifting devices are sufficiently strong. Lifting equipment should never be overloaded, even for a short time. In addition, care should always be taken to ensure cleanliness and the equipment must be checked regularly to ensure that it is in good working order.


From which manufacturers does BHM Maschinen offer lifting equipment?

In the category of lifting technology, we currently offer equipment and machines from Bernardo and Holzmann for professional use. One of the best-known manufacturers of metalworking and woodworking machines and workshop equipment is Holzmann Maschinen GmbH. The Austrian-based company has been developing and manufacturing inexpensive but robust machines and equipment for professionals and do-it-yourselfers since the mid-1990s. Bernardo is a brand of the Austrian PWA HandelsgesmbH. Bernardo develops and sells machines for metal and wood processing, as well as storage technology and workshop equipment. Bernado lifting devices, equipment and accessories have proven themselves in everyday work for many years.

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