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A thread cutting machine is a device that is used to produce threads. These machines come in different sizes and designs and can be used to cut threads in different materials. Thread cutting machines are usually used in manufacturing and industry, but can also be used by hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts. There are different types of threading machines, each designed for specific applications. There are electric tapping machines and pneumatic tapping machines. In addition, the machines can be used directly on heavy workpieces by means of a magnetic base. The advantage of the pneumatic ones is a significantly higher productivity and a time saving compared to manual tapping.

Cutting a clean thread in iron, steel, aluminium or plastic requires the right tool, a lot of practice and also patience and time. In particular, making the thread perpendicular to the surface of the workpiece is almost an art in itself. Anyone learning a skilled trade in a metalworking company will sooner or later have to learn how to cut threads. In many cases, this work can be significantly simplified and accelerated by a high-quality thread cutting machine.

In the range of BHM Maschinen, craft and industrial companies, but also do-it-yourselfers will find very good Bernardo tapping machines. An electric thread cutting machine or a pneumatically driven Bernardo thread cutting machine cuts precise threads in different materials. Depending on the model, these machines offer everything from operation via a touchscreen, a digital drill depth display, a micro-spray system and blow-out device to a quick-change fixture, all functions that make work easier as well as providing a certain level of comfort when thread cutting. Every Bernardo tapping machine in our range is precise, robust and perfectly equipped for professional use. Convince yourself.

Bernardo base frame 900 x 600 mm with 2 drawers for TM series
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ELMAG EGM 336 Tapping arm M6-M36
incl. electronic torque monitoring -16 pcs. quick-change chuck with slip clutch DIN 371/379 mount
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ELMAG mobile base frame for EGM 316 / EGM 336
incl. machined base plate heavy-duty design with storage space
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Frequently asked questions about the threading machine:

What is a thread cutting machine?

Eire thread cutting machine from the range of BHM Maschinen belongs to a special group of machine tools that are used for cutting threads in different materials. With a Bernardo thread cutting machine, threads can be precisely cut in iron, steel and stainless steel, light and non-ferrous metals as well as in plastics. The advantage of every Bernardo thread cutting machine is that the threads can be produced exactly perpendicular to the surface of the workpieces. It does not matter whether it is an electric thread cutting machine or a pneumatically driven Bernardo thread cutting machine.

How does a Bernardo tapping machine work?

A Bernardo thread cutting machine consists of a machine frame with a flat work table. The arm with the cutting head (the threading spindle) is screwed onto the table. The spindle can be placed almost anywhere on the table or removed completely. The spindle sits at the end of an articulated arm, a so-called parallel arm, which can be swivelled and extended. The threading spindle of the thread cutting machine can also be swivelled by 90 degrees. To cut threads, the workpiece is placed on the table. Depending on the size and weight of the workpiece, it is fixed or lies securely on the table due to its own weight. The threading spindle of the thread cutting machine is guided to the intended hole in the workpiece, set and switched on.

What types of thread cutting machine are there?

In the offer of BHM Maschinen you will find two different types of thread cutting machines. A thread cutting machine is available with electric or pneumatic drive. The drive always refers to the thread spindle. An electric tapping machine is equipped with an electric motor like in a pillar drilling machine. With a pneumatically driven tapping machine, the spindle is driven by compressed air. Similar to a pneumatic screwdriver in the car workshop. The spindle is held by the parallel arm in both types of machine. This arm allows the spindle to be moved in the plane without changing its inclination.

Where are thread cutting machines from BHM Maschinen used?

A Bernardo thread cutting machine from our range is mainly used in manufacturing companies, repair workshops, but also locksmith's shops and automotive workshops. Its great strength lies in the fact that several threads of the same type can be cut quickly one after the other in a workpiece. Another advantage is that a Bernardo thread cutting machine can be equipped with a quick-change system. The thread cutting tool can be changed in just a few steps and within a very short time.

Can threads be produced at any angle with a thread cutting machine?

With a Bernardo thread cutting machine, threads can be produced at any angle between 0 and 90°. The thread spindle can be swivelled in this range, i.e. from 0 to 90°. This makes it possible to cut threads with high precision on vertical or horizontal and workpiece surfaces with any angle between 0 and 90°.

Can threads be cut in blind holes with a thread cutting machine?

Anyone who has learned how to cut threads by hand knows that taps are very delicate tools. If you put too much force on the bottom of a so-called blind hole, they will break. Cutting threads in holes that are not through holes can be done quickly and safely with a Bernardo tapping machine from our range. An electric thread cutting machine works here just as precisely and safely as a pneumatic Bernardo thread cutting machine. When selecting a machine for this application, you must choose one that digitally displays the drilling depth so that the tap does not touch down on the bottom of the blind hole and become damaged.

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