Woodturning Lathes

A wood lathe is a woodworking machine for the production of rotationally symmetrical objects made of wood or plastic. Because of the easy handling and versatile use, both professionals and do-it-yourselfers have a woodturning lathe, for example from Bernardo or Holzmann, in their workshop. The operation of a wood lathe is easy to learn. However, the production of attractive utility objects requires practice and experience.

In the range of BHM Maschinen, do-it-yourselfers and professionals will find a large selection with woodturning machines for processing workpieces in different sizes. Our woodturning lathes from Bernardo Maschinen, Holzmann Maschinen and BAMATO are robust, powerful and in many cases also available with a copying function. Of course, you can also get all the accessories you need for working with a woodturning machine in our shop.

DF1200N230V Holzmann lathe
  • robust and heavy overall cast iron construction with wide machine bed
  • variable speed control via frequency converter in 2 steps
  • Left - right rotation as standard, LCD - speed display
2.517,90 EUR
19% VAT excl. Shipping costs
D460F230V Holzmann lathe infinitely variable speed
  • extra large turning diameter
  • Bed, tailstock, hand rest, headstock made of solid grey cast iron
  • MK2 tailstock with quick release
375,90 EUR
19% VAT excl. Shipping costs
D300F230V Holzmann lathe infinitely variable speed
  • Bed, tailstock, hand rest and headstock made of solid grey cast iron
  • MK1 tailstock with quick release
  • large turning diameter over bed allows turning of large diameter workpieces - ideal for turning plates, for example
256,90 EUR
19% VAT excl. Shipping costs
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Frequently asked questions about the woodturning machine:

What is a wood lathe used for?

A wood lathe can be used in many different ways and can be used to make various objects. The main field of application is the production of so-called ornamental pieces. These include wooden stair posts as well as supports, posts and legs for other items such as cupboards and chests of drawers or tables and chairs.

Another large area of use for a wood lathe is the manufacture of utility items. With the wood lathe, bowls, bowls, candlesticks or similar items can be made quickly and, with a wood lathe with a copy function, also in larger quantities. Basically, it can be said that practically all rotationally symmetrical objects made of wood, wood materials but also plastic can be made with a wood lathe.


What are the advantages of a wood lathe with copy function?

A wood lathe with a copying function has a particular advantage when producing several parts of the same shape. For example, to make a dozen identical posts for a stair railing, only one template or original part is needed. From this template clamped next to the workpiece to be machined, the contours are transferred one-to-one to the workpiece. Thus, with a lathe with copying function, it is very easy and quick to make almost any number of copies. If the copying function is not needed, it can simply be removed and the lathe can be used for freehand turning.

Can a woodturning machine be repaired if it is defective?

Yes, despite its many uses, a woodturning machine is a relatively simple machine. All assemblies and components are usually easily accessible and can be quickly replaced in the event of a defect. Our manufacturers, Bernardo, Holzmann and BAMATO usually ensure that the required spare parts will be available for years to come.

For whom is it worth buying a lathe?

The user groups are similarly wide-ranging as the areas of application of a wood lathe. Buying a wood lathe is worthwhile for practically everyone who regularly works with wood. Be it in a professional carpentry workshop, for series production in an industrial company or for the production of individual one-off pieces in the hobby cellar. Both professionals and do-it-yourselfers who frequently need or want to work on rotationally symmetrical workpieces made of wood or plastic will find it worthwhile to buy a wood lathe.

What should be taken into account when working with a woodturning lathe?

When working with a wood lathe, personal protective equipment consisting of a dust mask, safety goggles and, if necessary, hearing protection should always be worn. It is also important that no parts of clothing hang loosely so that they cannot be pulled into the machine. A safe stand and a clean working environment are also important. During work, care should be taken to keep the distance between the workpiece and the tool rest as small as possible.

Who are the woodturning machine manufacturers at BHM Maschinen?

At BHM Maschinen you can buy a wood lathe from Bernardo Maschinen, Holzmann Maschinen & BAMATO. All three manufacturers have proven over the past decades that they can design and manufacture high quality and durable machines for woodworking and metalworking. Bernardo is one of the best-known brands in this field, developing and selling woodworking and metalworking machines under the umbrella of the Austrian PWA HandelsgesmbH.

Holzmann Maschinen GmbH from Haslach, an der Mühl in Austria has been developing, producing and selling affordable, powerful and durable machines for DIY enthusiasts and professionals for around 25 years. BAMATO is a brand of Markmüller Maschinen GmbH based in Hofkirchen, Lower Bavaria. BAMATO distributes machines and tools for working wood and metal from various manufacturers and develops them itself.

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