Hollow mortising machine

Rectangular slotted holes with a large depth are always needed in furniture construction, window construction and door assembly. The classic way to make rectangular slotted holes is to cut out pre-drilled holes with a hammer and chisel. Every carpenter and joiner knows what it means to make a large number of lock cases in door leaves by hand. This work is much easier, more comfortable and precise with a hollow mortising machine, for example a Bernardo hollow mortising machine. In North America and Great Britain, mortising machines have been in use for more than 100 years. In this country, they have only been conquering their place on the workbenches of carpenters and joiners for a few years.


STM26230V Holzmann drilling and caulking machine
  • Base frame included in delivery
  • precisely adjustable dovetail guides for chiselling rectangular holes
  • ideal for making tenon joints in hard and soft wood
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STM26S230V Holzmann drilling and caulking machine swivelling
  • Base frame included in delivery
  • precisely adjustable dovetail guides for chiselling rectangular holes
  • ideal for making tenon joints in hard and soft wood
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Frequently asked questions about mortising machines:

How does a mortising machine work?

The construction of a mortising machine is similar to a pillar drilling machine. Mortising machines consist of a machine table, a column and a machine head with a drive motor. Like a normal drilling machine, a mortising machine is equipped with a chuck for clamping a drill bit.

A holder for clamping the mortising bit grips around this chuck. The drill bit is clamped in such a way that the tip protrudes slightly beyond the mortise bit. As with a drill, the bit removes material from the workpiece. In addition, the mortise bit removes material in such a way that a square hole is created. By moving the workpiece sideways, a rectangular oblong hole can thus be produced.


What is a mortising machine used for?

Mortising machines are designed to make long, rectangular holes or slots in wood materials. For example, for mortise and tenon joints in furniture making. Since the hollow mortise bit and the drill bit are very long, they can easily be used to make deep pockets in door leaves to accommodate lock cases. The recesses in the door frame to accommodate the lock bolt can also be made precisely and in a short time with these machines.


Can normal drill bits be clamped in the hollow mortising machine?

Normal drills with certain dimensions can be clamped in hollow mortising machines. However, they are not suitable for working with these machines. The dimensions of the drills are matched to the internal diameters of the bits and they have a specially shaped flute through which the chips can be discharged more quickly to the outside. With normal drills, the flute would quickly become blocked by the many chips from the drill and bit and sooner or later it would no longer be possible to continue working.

Is a Bernardo mortising machine suitable for working on metal?

No, mortising machines are not suitable for working on metal. This is not due to the drill, but to the gouge of the machines. And pushing a mortise bit through the workpiece by hand to machine the corners of a hole would require a lot of force. Theoretically this is possible, but practically it is not practical. You will find more suitable machines for machining metal in the BHM Maschinen Onlineshop.

How high is the stability of hollow mortising machines?

Mortising machines have to withstand a much higher load than a pillar drilling machine. The machines are designed to be correspondingly stable. In particular, since the gouge only cuts into the material on three sides, except for the first cut into solid material, the load on the machine body is usually one-sided. The more stable the machine is designed, the more precisely long, rectangular holes can be made. Because of its excellent stability, a Bernardo hollow mortising machine is always worth recommending.

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