Wood sawing machine

A wood sawing machine, for example a Bernardo saw from the BHM Maschinen range, enables the processing of different materials in different formats. Our woodworking machines are simply indispensable for carpenters, joiners and many hobby craftsmen. With a wood saw, panel materials made of solid wood, chipboard, MDF or OSB panels as well as profiles, beams and boards can be precisely sawn to size. But also plastic materials such as acrylic or polycarbonate as well as non-ferrous metals such as aluminium can be processed quickly and very precisely up to a certain thickness with a wood saw.

Here at BHM Maschinen we offer you a wide range of different wood saws, from the simple table saw for work on construction sites to the sliding table saw from renowned manufacturers. Our machines meet the highest demands in terms of precision and durability. They are easy to handle and inexpensive to buy. Convince yourself of the quality of our wood sawing machines.

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Frequently asked questions about the wood sawing machine:

What is a wood sawing machine used for?
Wood sawing machines such as a Bernardo saw are versatile saws. They can be used to saw not only wood and wood-based materials, but also plastics and non-ferrous metals. They are also suitable for milling grooves, slotting, rebating and setting down.

In which areas is a wood saw used?

A wood saw is part of the indispensable standard equipment of joineries and carpentry workshops. But these machines are also used in industry, furniture or window construction. In a well-equipped do-it-yourself workshop you will also find one or the other wood saw and a Bernardo saw for processing different materials.

For whom is it worth buying a Bernardo saw?

Bernardo offers the right wood sawing machine for every need in its programme. For professional carpenters as well as joiners or do-it-yourselfers it is worth buying a Bernardo saw. A Bernardo wood sawing machine is powerful, precise, robust and also reasonably priced. Buying a Bernardo saw or another wood saw from our range is an investment in the future.

Can a wood sawing machine be repaired?

In the event of a breakdown, any wood sawing machine from our range can be repaired. Frequently needed wear parts are usually in stock and can be replaced quickly. If you buy a Bernardo saw, for example, you can be sure that the spare parts for this machine will still be available in a few years.

Do certain safety precautions have to be taken when using a wood saw?

Yes, safety glasses and hearing protection should always be worn when working with an electrically powered wood saw. In addition, care should be taken to ensure that no loose clothing such as open shirt sleeves can be pulled into the saw blade. Gloves must not be worn when working with a circular saw.

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