Forklift attachments

If you only use your forklift to lift and transport pallets and heavy goods, you are giving away a lot of potential. Attachments for forklifts from the online shop of BHM Maschinen considerably expand the possible uses of forklifts. Equipped with the right forklift attachment for the respective purpose, forklifts can be used for clearing snow, sweeping, transporting barrels, as a mobile base for a work platform and much more. In the BHM Maschinen online shop you will find practical and affordable attachments for forklifts of all sizes and for every need.

Frequently asked questions about forklift attachments?

What forklift attachments does BHM Maschinen offer?

In the online shop of BHM Maschinen you will find a wide range of attachments for forklift trucks that make your daily work easier. In the category for forklift attachments in general and Bauer forklift attachments, you will find work platforms, sweeping brushes, tipping and folding floor containers, shovels, snow clearing equipment, manoeuvring aids and other attachments for forklifts in various designs suitable for your forklift. If you do not find the right attachments for your forklift truck, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are sure that we can help you.

Do forklift attachments require certain safety precautions?

Forklift attachments should be checked for proper function and safety before each use. Damage, possibly including rust spots, should be repaired promptly. In particular, if cracks appear, forklift attachments should be shut down and not used until the damage has been repaired. When using forklift attachments, make sure that no one is standing under the attachment, e.g. a working platform or a tipping container, during use.

Does BHM Maschinen also supply accessories for Bauer forklift attachments?

Yes, at BHM Maschinen you can get all the accessories that you need for Bauer forklift attachments and other attachments for forklifts. For example, container covers, centring walls or tarpaulins for containers and roller sets. If you cannot find the accessory you need, please do not hesitate to contact us.


What is a traverse used for on a forklift truck?

Traverses prevent, for example, the side walls from being pulled together when lifting big bags and possibly damaging the contents. Our lifting beams can either be pushed onto the forks of the forklift truck or connected with a central rope or chain.

For whom is it worth buying attachments for forklifts?

Attachments for forklift trucks are a worthwhile investment in every company and workshop. There is an application for forklift attachments practically everywhere. Be it for sweeping paths and squares, collecting waste or for working safely at greater heights. For example, to replace light bulbs in high-hanging luminaires. For many different tasks, there is a suitable attachment for forklift trucks that makes the work easier and, in many cases, safer.

Can forklift attachments from BHM Maschinen be repaired?

Yes, every forklift attachment from our online shop can be repaired without great effort if necessary. However, a repair is rarely necessary if our forklift attachments are handled properly. All forklift attachments from the BHM online shop have been designed and built for tough everyday work. If a repair should nevertheless be necessary, many damages can be carried out by yourself. If a spare part should be required, it will be available to you within the shortest possible time.

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