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LUMAG is a brand of L.V.G. Hartham GmbH. L.V.G. Hartham GmbH is a young company that was founded in Kirchdorf am Inn in the mid-2000s. Under the umbrella of the LUMAG brand, the business activities of L.V.G. Hartham GmbH include product development and professional service via LUMAG dealers for its own machines. 

BHM Maschinen is a LUMAG dealer and represents LUMAG in Germany. We carry many machines from L.V.G. Hartham GmbH as standard in our portfolio and can provide you with any LUMAG machine at short notice if required. If you cannot find the LUMAG machine you need in our range, please do not hesitate to contact us. We procure any desired machine and can also supply our customers with LUMAG spare parts if required.

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Frequently asked questions about LUMAG

Can LUMAG machines be repaired?

Yes, LUMAG machines can be repaired without any problems and quickly in most cases. The supply of spare parts is usually good and the machines are designed in such a way that they can be quickly repaired without much effort.

Are special LUMAG spare parts required for LUMAG machines?

There are various spare parts that are manufactured specifically for LUMAG and are only available from LUMAG dealers. However, this concerns only a small part of the machine components. Most parts are standard parts that you can in principle buy anywhere.

L.V.G. Hartham GmbH is a young company, how good is the spare parts supply for LUMAG machines?

Although L.V.G. Hartham GmbH is a relatively young company, a very professional spare parts management has been established in recent years. The manufacturer attaches great importance to very good customer service. Most LUMAG spare parts are available at short notice. They are stored at LUMAG in Germany, so that all required LUMAG spare parts are usually with you within a few days after ordering.

Which LUMAG machines are available at BHM Maschinen?

We currently stock various LUMAG machines as standard from the following categories

  • Tree stump & root cutters
  • Log band saws
  • Concrete trowel
  • Earth drill
  • Power generator
  • Trenchers / cable cutters

If you need other machines, please contact us. We will procure the machines you are looking for within the shortest possible time and always at an attractive price. We can also supply you with LUMAG spare parts for all L.V.G. Hartham GmbH machines and equipment quickly, cheaply and at short notice.

Are LUMAG machines and equipment also suitable for DIY enthusiasts?

Very many LUMAG machines in Germany are suitable for do-it-yourselfers. For example, the earth drills or the power generators. Other machines such as the block band saws or concrete trowels are more suitable for professional use. Because of the comparatively high purchase price that is usual for professional equipment, occasional use in the DIY sector is very uneconomical.

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