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In our category 'Manufacturers' you will find all producers of our products and some interesting information about them. All manufacturers enjoy our full confidence, which is why we promise the best quality for all products you find in our BHM-Maschinen online shop.The small and large companies can be found almost all over the German-speaking area and produce different products depending on their strengths.

While you will find various wood, metal and sheet metal working machines at Bernardo, we recommend the company MACK for baking chuck needs. Lathes or welding machines are offered by ELMAG, as well as HOLZMANN, which can also serve you with different saws. ZIMMER is also an expert in the field of sawing machines and extraction systems. If you are looking for forklift attachments or recyclable material/waste containers, we can recommend the products of BAUER Südlohn. The company BAMATO has a wide range of planers, roundabout mowers, hand mixers and much more. At JUNG Hebe- und Transporttechnik you will find high-quality pumps, lifting devices and transport trolleys. As you can see, the product ranges of our manufacturers are very broad and diverse. They complement each other and thus offer a selection of high-quality products for all applications and circumstances.

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