Hinge Drilling Machines

In furniture making, the fittings on doors have to be installed very precisely so that the doors of cupboards and chests of drawers close accurately. For this task, various manufacturers such as Bernardo have developed so-called hardware drilling machines. With these machines, all the holes for a fitting can be made in one operation. In the BHM Maschinen online shop you will find a selection of hardware drilling machines for various hardware systems.

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Frequently asked questions about hardware drilling machines

Can a hardware drilling machine be repaired if necessary?

All hardware drilling machines from the BHM Maschinen Onlineshop are designed for a long service life and are constructed accordingly. However, if necessary, repairs can be carried out quickly thanks to the simple design of the machines. The supply of spare parts is guaranteed by the manufacturer for all years.

What is a hardware drilling machine?

A hardware drilling machine is basically a very simple drilling machine. These machines were specially designed to produce the drilling patterns of fittings, i.e. door hinges in furniture construction. For example, the large locating hole for the cup of a door hinge and the two holes for the fixing screws. All three holes are made in one operation with a hardware drilling machine.

How does a hardware drilling machine work?

A hardware drilling machine consists of a machine table, a column with a vertically movable drilling head and a drive motor. The drill head is equipped with the holders for the drilling tools - a Forstner drill and two twist drills. These holders are driven centrally. The tool holders are connected to each other inside the drill head via gear wheels. The central tool holder for the Forstner bit is driven by the motor. Since no intermediate gears are used, the two outer holders rotate in the opposite direction to the middle holder. For this reason, tools with different rotational speeds are always required for a masonry drilling machine.

What are hammer drills used for?

Hardware drilling machines have a narrowly limited field of application. They are used to make the drilling patterns for door fittings of furniture. Fitting drilling machines from the online shop of BHM Maschinen are equipped with either a drilling head for the production of Blum or Grass drilling patterns. The drilling heads of the machines we offer can be exchanged so that both Blum and Grass drilling patterns can be produced.

Can I also use hardware drilling machines for other tasks?

No, hardware drilling machines cannot be used for other tasks, for example for drilling long holes or simple drill holes. The central element is the drill head, with the holders for the drills. This drill head has a fixed drilling pattern that cannot be changed. As a result, these machines achieve a high degree of precision, but their range of applications is limited.

For whom is it worth buying a drilling machine?

Fittings drilling machines, for example from Bernardo from our online shop, are intended for professional use and are perfect for small furniture construction companies or joiner's workshops, where fittings have to be mounted precisely on furniture pieces again and again. Since these machines are only suitable for this task, it is usually not worthwhile for hobby carpenters to purchase them.

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