Cycle Lathes

Our Bernardo cycle lathes are fascinating, extremely powerful high-tech machines that can perform light, medium and heavy automated work in cycles. Depending on requirements, they can be machined, pierced, tapped and drilled. With the help of cycle lathes, individual units and small batches can be produced cost-efficiently while still meeting the highest quality requirements.

Bernardo cycle lathe CHC 2240 - 550 x 870
95.632,06 EUR
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Cycle lathe from Bernardo

Depending on the dimensions and price class, the lathes differ in terms of performance, center distance and program range. Thanks to high-quality and very precise tool elements, even complicated contours and work steps can be carried out automatically without compromising quality. The top models, such as the Bernardo CHC 22120 - 550 x 2870 cycle lathe, enable the processing of large workpieces with variable speed ranges and high performance. This means that they also meet the requirements of large industrial companies.

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