Circular sawing machine

A circular sawing machine for wood is the central machine in every workshop where wood is processed. In joineries and carpentry workshops, a circular saw machine is part of the basic equipment. In the meantime, machines of this type can also be found in more and more hobby cellars and DIY workshops. The machines presented in this category are so-called combination machines. These machines are a combination of a sliding table saw and a milling machine for wood. The processing possibilities with such a compact and powerful circular saw for wood are very diverse.

TS400ZAL400V Holzmann jib set for carpentry circular saw
  • roller conveyor 1000x500mm
792,90 EUR
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Frequently asked questions about the circular saw:

Should certain safety precautions be taken when working with a circular saw machine?

When working with a circular saw machine, the same safety precautions should be taken as when working with a conventional sliding table saw or table saw. These include wearing safety glasses and hearing protection. Clothing should be close to the body. The work area and the machine should always be kept clean. Before using the machine for the first time, check that there is enough free space around the machine so that the workpieces cannot bump into it.

What are circular sawing machines used for?

A circular sawing machine is used to divide large-sized workpieces such as fibreboard and plywood panels, but also large-sized panels made of various plastics into smaller workpieces. Beams and battens made of wood and certain plastics can also be processed with a circular saw. Depending on the model, the machines are equipped with a milling device and a scoring device, so that further processing options are available.

What accessories are available for circular saws from BHM Maschinen?

A wide range of accessories is available for our circular sawing machines. An important accessory for a circular saw for wood is an extraction unit with filter cartridge and a resistant but flexible spiral extraction hose from our online shop. We also offer scoring saw blades, saw blade sets, universal moulding knife heads and other accessories for our circular saws. If you do not find the accessory you need, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are sure that we can help you with any problem or need.

Can I sharpen a circular saw blade myself?

Yes, you can resharpen and sharpen a circular saw blade for a circular saw for wood yourself. For precise and sustainable sharpening of circular saw blades, you can get special saw blade sharpening machines and devices in the BHM Maschinen Onlineshop, for example from Bernardo. With these machines you can resharpen blunt circular saw blades with different diameters quickly and precisely.

For whom is it worth buying a circular saw machine for wood?

Buying a circular saw machine for wood is worthwhile for every do-it-yourselfer and professional who regularly has to saw wood and wood materials or even plastic sheets to a certain size. The processing of battens, boards, profiles and beams up to a certain size is also easily possible with a circular saw from our range. The machines are powerful, precise and durable. You can get circular saws for wood at an attractive price in the BHM Maschinen online shop.

Can a circular saw machine be repaired?

Every circular saw machine and circular saw machine for wood from our range can be repaired if necessary. The machines we sell are generally very robust and durable, so that repairs are rarely necessary. In the event of a defect, we can provide you with all the spare parts you need in a timely manner. Simply use our prepared form to order spare parts.

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