Gearhead Bench and Column Drilling Machine

You need power to drill through hard materials like steel?
Then you've come to the right place in our Gear Drilling Machines category. Here you will find Bernardo gear drilling machines in a wide variety of designs. No matter what material you're dealing with - these machines won't let you down. Up to a drilling capacity of 25 millimeters, for example, you'll do well with the B 430 Vario, whose speed can be ideally adjusted thanks to infinitely variable speed control. If the drilling diameter is to go beyond 25 millimeters, we recommend a model from Bernardo's GB series. These geared drills are all characterized by their robust design and also operate without vibration. They are suitable for use in repair stores, mechanical workshops, and industrial and craft businesses. The GB 28 S is designed for drilling capacities of up to 28 millimeters, while the GB 30 S can drill diameters of up to 30 millimeters. Like the GB 30 T, the table-top version of the GB 30 S, this machine is available with a coolant system. The GB 30 TV is a touch more massive. It offers high performance and outstanding precision at a low price. In the Vario version, the GB 30 also offers infinitely variable speed control, automatic spindle sleeve feed and a digital speed display.

ELMAG S 35 STRANDS gear box column drilling machine
7.730,90 EUR
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ELMAG GBM 3/25 TNE set geared table drilling machine
3.446,90 EUR
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ELMAG GBM 3/25 SNE set gear column drilling machine
3.767,90 EUR
19% VAT excl. Shipping costs
ELMAG GBM 4/40 SGA set gear column drilling machine
9.199,90 EUR
19% VAT excl. Shipping costs
ELMAG GBM 4/50 SGA set gear column drilling machine
11.544,90 EUR
19% VAT excl. Shipping costs
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The 32 millimeter edition of the gear drilling machine Bernardo GB is also available in different editions. The GB 32 STi, for example, is equipped with a particularly high-quality gearbox, ground gears ensure particularly smooth running. As the GB 32 SV, on the other hand, the machine features a coolant system. The GB 35 also offers various modifications, including infinitely variable speed control, automatic spindle sleeve feed, digital speed display and a swiveling gear head on the TV Vario and STi Vario. The TH version comes with a motorized table stroke.

For all those for whom 35 millimeters of drilling capacity is not enough, Bernardo has the GB 40 gear-driven drilling machine ready - naturally in a wide variety of versions. The GB 40 S is designed for drilling, tapping and countersinking, while the GB 40 N offers additional clamping options thanks to its angled table. With the GB 40 TH and also with the GB 40 Vario, you can expect a motorized table stroke. Whether GB 50 TH with extensive basic equipment, as GB 50 Vario with infinitely variable speed control or as GB 50 SK - the models of the GB 50 series guarantee up to 50 millimeter drilling performance and an extremely solid design to boot. The SB 50 Vario offers a combination of motorized table stroke, electromechanical spindle feed and infinitely variable speed.

The helical gearbox of the GHD 25 SN promises optimum power transmission. This gear-driven drill has a maximum drilling capacity of 25 millimeters. Particularly practical: direction of rotation switch for clockwise and counterclockwise rotation for thread cutting. The further development of the GHD 25 SN, the GHD 28 SV, also features an automatic drill feed and a machined machine foot for clamping particularly high workpieces.

Frequently asked questions about the gear drilling machine:


Gear drills are used in industry and DIY for drilling very hard materials. It works without impact, but due to the gear drive, a gear drill has a very high effective power. In industry, gear drills are often used to drill hard metal or ceramics that are difficult to machine with conventional drills.


The biggest advantage of a gear drilling machine is that it can provide very high performance. This means that even the hardest materials can be drilled - especially in industry, these properties are very important. Gear drilling machines are also characterized by an extremely long service life. The only disadvantage is their very high weight, which is why a gear drilling machine is rarely found in small private workshops.


Absolutely! We at BHM-Maschinen have a wide range of different versions for you in our online store. No matter which drilling power you need or which material you want to machine, you will find it here!

We offer gear drilling machines from Bernardo and ELMAG, which are high-quality machines that are characterized by a robust design and are very low vibration. Just browse through our section "Gear Drilling Machines" at your leisure.


- what power do you need
- which material do you want to machine
- which speed range
- should the speed range be infinitely variable
- which accuracy do you want to achieve
- up to which diameter range do you want to drill
- do you want a stepless speed range...

All information about each of our offered gear drilling machines can be found here in our BHM-Maschinen Online-Shop. Are you not sure or do you need help? We at BHM-Maschinen will be happy to advise you and answer all your questions.


It is actually very easy to buy a gear drilling machine online. Completely relaxed from your home or office. You are already sure which model you want to buy!? Then you can complete the purchase of your desired product with just a few clicks in our BHM online store. You are still not sure which gear drilling machine is right for you, then you can discover our wide range here online. Take the time to browse our "Gear Drills" category to learn about the individual details of our wide selection of products. Do you have any questions about our gear drilling machines or can't make up your mind? We at BHM-Maschinen will be happy to advise you.


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