Cylindrical Grinding Machines

Cylindrical grinding machines are indispensable equipment in tool and mould making. Cylindrical grinding machines, e.g. 1 and grinding machine from Bernardo, can also be used for precise series production and small metal parts. Regardless of the field of application, these machines are characterised by precise processing. Vibration-free running and precise guides are important. Depending on the requirements, pure external cylindrical grinding machines or combined external and internal cylindrical grinding machines from Bernardo or ELMAG are available from the BHM online shop. The size and machining capacity of a cylindrical grinding machine depends primarily on the workpieces to be produced and the anticipated future demand.


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Frequently asked questions about the cylindrical grinding machine:


Why does the grinding wheel of a cylindrical grinding machine need to be balanced?

With a grinding wheel, an imbalance leads to a poor grinding result with an inferior surface finish. With a different mass on the circumference of the grinding wheels, vibrations occur when the grinding wheel rotates. These vibrations are transmitted to the workpiece. This causes the workpieces to be ground unevenly. Depending on how strong these irregularities are, the workpiece becomes unusable. Therefore, before each use of the cylindrical grinding machine, it should be checked whether the grinding wheel is exactly balanced.

What does hydrodynamic bearing mean on a cylindrical grinding machine?

Hydrodynamic bearings belong to the so-called plain bearings. This means that no balls or rollers are used to reduce the friction between the shaft and the shaft bearing. Instead, a film of either oil or water ensures that the shaft and the bearing do not touch. At standstill and very low speeds, there is not yet enough pressure built up for friction to occur between the shaft and bearing. However, as soon as the shaft rotates at a certain speed, the hydraulic fluid forms a wedge between the two components so that they are no longer in direct contact. Hydrodynamic bearings are characterised by smooth running and minimal friction.

Can I also grind workpieces internally with an external cylindrical grinding machine?

No, with an external cylindrical grinding machine, workpieces can only be ground externally. If, for example, bores or sleeves are to be ground internally, an internal cylindrical grinding machine or additional equipment for a conventional external cylindrical grinding machine is required. For the Bernardo Universal Cylindrical Grinding Machine URS 2000 N from the BHM Maschinen Onlineshop, for example, a special internal cylindrical grinding device is available. Supplemented with these accessories, the machine can be used for both external and internal grinding work.

How can I conical grind with a cylindrical grinding machine?

In order to use a cylindrical grinding machine for conical grinding, the machine table must be able to be swivelled. For example, the table of the Bernardo Universal Cylindrical Grinding Machine URS 500 N can be swivelled in a range from +3° to -9°. Accordingly, workpieces can be conically ground in this swivel range.

Can a cylindrical grinding machine from BHM Maschinen be repaired?

The cylindrical grinding machines from Bernardo and ELMAG in our range are very robust, reliable and designed for a long service life. Should a repair nevertheless become necessary, these machines can be repaired within a very short time thanks to the good supply of spare parts by the manufacturers.

Both manufacturers deliver the required spare parts within a very short time. To order spare parts, simply use our prepared form. Fill in the form with all the required data and send it to us by e-mail. If we do not have the required spare parts in stock, we will promptly procure them for you so that you can continue to use your machine without long delay.


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