Bench Turning Lathe

Table-top lathes are a smart solution for space-saving home and garage requirements. With affordable acquisition costs and handy dimensions, they are less intended for large companies or mass production, but rather for the hobby mechanic or hobbyist.

Model makers, for example, will find a device for variable application in a simple model such as the NANOMILL leadscrew lathe, with which they can work precisely in the infinitely variable drive and can also mill or drill using a wide range of accessories. With a low weight of only 11 kg in this case, such machines can be easily and space-savingly integrated into the existing infrastructure. For heavier workpieces and even more variable applications, the other Bernardo table-top lathes offer various options. For example, the Bernardo Profi 550 Pro leadscrew lathe has a high speed range of up to 3000 rpm, a three-phase motor with frequency converter and a P5 main spindle bearing. Extreme accuracy and fine adjustment options for spindle, scaling and speed make working a pleasure for both professionals and ambitious DIY enthusiasts.

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What is a table lathe?

The table-top lathe owes its name to the fact that it is mounted on a table. The machine tool is mainly used for the production of turned parts, i.e. rotationally symmetrical workpieces. Sometimes table-top lathes are also used for drilling - however, the prerequisite is that the position of the drilling centre corresponds to that of the axis of rotation.

What is the difference between a bench lathe and a hobby lathe?

The simple answer: There is none. Table-top lathes are sometimes referred to as Bobby lathes. The reason for this expression is that a bench lathe is relatively easy to operate compared to other types of lathe. So that even a hobby craftsman is able to handle it.

Which table lathe is right for me?

Which table lathe is the right one for your personal requirements depends primarily on the challenges you face in production. When you buy a bench lathe, make sure that the machine is suitable for the dimensions of the workpieces to be machined. These and other data can be found in the product descriptions. You are not sure which table lathe to choose from our range. Please contact our customer service. We will be happy to help you.

Can table-top lathes also be used to produce demanding workpieces?

Clear answer: Yes. Even if table-top lathes - also known as hobby lathes - are particularly user-friendly, they can also be used to produce more complex workpieces. The prerequisite is that you as a user have a certain basic knowledge of turning.
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