Radial and Quick-Action Radial Drilling Machine

Bernardo radial drilling machines are also known as boom drilling machine or crane drilling machine. They are the most versatile type of drilling machine. Due to their special design, radial drilling machines are particularly suitable for machining heavy, bulky workpieces.

In the first step, the workpiece is fixed on the base plate of the machine. The weight of the workpiece is supported directly on the base - so the machine only experiences load in the form of actual machining. A so-called mantle column ensures that the boom - and with it the radially movable drill carriage - can be swiveled through almost 360° as well as moved vertically. The lower end of the jacket column is fixed to another column via two roller bearings and thus connected to the base plate. An axial roller bearing is installed at the bottom and a radial ring-groove bearing at the top. The column stroke is used to adjust to the height of the piece to be machined, while the quill is responsible for the feed movement. The extension arm and drill carriage, on the other hand, can be adjusted by hand. Holding the approached position allows individual axes to be clamped by means of a lever. One of the special features of a radial drilling machine is the design of the boom. This is designed so that hardly any deformation occurs due to forces during machining - at the same time, the boom itself brings only a comparatively small mass.

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A variant of the radial drilling machine is the quick radial drilling machine. This promises a particularly time-saving processing is therefore particularly suitable for series production. Significant differences compared to conventional ELMAG radial drilling machines exist primarily in terms of travel and swivel range of the boom. These are generally smaller. The table is mounted in an elevated position on the top of a frame, which allows the attachment of other devices such as swivel and angular tables. Attached to the top of the frame is the mantle column. Hardly any force is required to position the boom and drill carriage, and digital displays also ensure precision, eliminating the need for marking out and center punching the holes.

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Frequently asked questions about the radial drilling machine:

What is a radial drilling machine?

A radial drilling machine is usually a permanently installed drilling machine. Due to its design, it is particularly suitable for large, bulky and heavy workpieces, as it can be equipped with very large drills and is equipped with high power.In our BHM-Maschinen Shop, you will find radial drilling machines up to a drilling capacity of 100mm.

Which manufacturers of radial drilling machine do you offer?

We, from BHM-Maschinen, offer you only high quality machines! Which is why we have only included radial drilling machines from Bernardo and ELMAG in our wide range of products for you. Both are manufacturers of high quality machines with a variety of included accessories, spare parts and a very extensive available special accessories.

What should I consider when buying a radial drilling machine?

How large is the workpiece you want to machine? Up to what diameter do you want to drill? Are only isolated workpieces to be machined, or is a small series to be produced? The power must be adapted to the desired work to be performed. Maybe a small hobby machine is sufficient for you or it should be a powerful machine for very large and regular work. Here at BHM-Maschinen Onlineshop we are guaranteed to have the right machine for you. Browse our wide range of radial drilling machines at your leisure.

How much space do I need if I want to set up a radial drilling machine?

The radial drilling machines have different dimensions. The Bernardo radial drilling machine RD 820 x 32 is, with the dimensions 1470 x 750 x 2100 mm, the smallest in our range, while the ELMAG RSBM 6/100 radial column drilling machine measures 4660 x 1630 x 4525 mm and is therefore the largest. Depending on the requirements, the radial drilling machines need different volumes. We, from BHM-Maschinen, will be happy to advise you in finding the right radial drilling machine, so that it fits your requirements and possibilities in the best possible way.


For which materials can a radial drilling machine be used?

The radial drilling machine can be used for different materials. Most often, it is used to machine metals. The radial drilling machines are characterized by a strong motor power. You can find machines with up to 15,000 watts in our BHM-Maschinen online store. This enables you to machine even the hardest steels. In rare cases, radial drilling machines can also be used for wood, but for this purpose, slot drilling machines are better suited. You can also find these in our online store.

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