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Your workpiece has an uneven surface that you would like to get flat? Your workpiece has a coating that you would like to remove? What you need is one of our surface grinding machines. In our range you will find only top models from the Austrian manufacturer Bernardo - suitable for every conceivable type of application. No matter if model making, training workshop, handicraft business or industrial production: In our category surface grinding machines you are guaranteed to find a suitable device. And without much effort: at BHM-Maschinen you can buy conveniently online - when you want and where you want.


Bernardo surface grinding machine BSG 80160 PLC
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Frequently asked questions about surface grinding machine:

What should I look for when buying surface grinding machines?

The buying criteria for surface grinding machines can be reduced to two major points: Quality and your own requirements. The best conclusion in terms of quality is provided by the name of the manufacturer. After all, there is a reason why people know certain names. Bernardo machines are probably not only known to experts - accordingly, you are in good hands when it comes to quality. Also important when buying a surface grinding machine are your personal needs, such as budget and application. Good for you: In our range you will find surface grinding machines for every budget as well as for every application.

Where are surface grinding machines used?

Surface grinding machines are used wherever surfaces need to be levelled. Our Bernardo surface grinding machines are characterised by the fact that they do this with the highest precision and therefore also in the highest quality. Common areas of application are, for example, general mechanical engineering - such as in cutting tool construction, jig and fixture construction and mould making - as well as the machining of guideways.

How are surface grinding machines used?

Basically, there are two different types of surface grinding machines:  Circumferential grinding machines and face grinding machines. In face grinding, the axis of the grinding spindle is perpendicular to the workpiece - the grinding process is carried out with the face of the grinding wheel. The result: circular grinding grooves are visible on the workpiece.  Machines in portal design are particularly suitable for this. With peripheral grinding, as the name suggests, the workpiece is machined with the periphery of the grinding wheel - accordingly, the spindle is horizontal to the workpiece. The result: straight-line sanding marks.

From which manufacturers do you offer surface grinding machines in the BHM-Maschinen Shop?

In our shop, we exclusively stock an extensive range of high-quality surface grinding machines from Bernardo. This is because Bernardo machines offer an optimal price-performance ratio with the highest quality standards. In addition, Bernardo products are very stable in value - so they are a worthwhile investment! Another advantage of Bernardo machines is the extremely good spare parts supply.

Can I buy Bernardo surface grinding machines online?

That is not a problem at all. On the contrary, it is a simple and convenient matter to buy a Bernardo surface grinding machine online.

You can conveniently browse our wide range of Bernardo surface grinding machines in our BHM online shop in the Bernardo surface grinding machine category on your PC, mobile phone or tablet. Here you will find all the information you need about each of our machines. Take your time to browse through the individual machine descriptions, where you will also find, for example, the incredibly large scope of delivery of the surface grinding machines, as well as all the available special accessories. Once you have decided, you can make an enquiry immediately or place the selected product directly in your shopping basket. The delivery time is usually 3-4 days. If you have any questions before ordering, cannot decide and need advice, the BHM-Maschinen team will be happy to assist you

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