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Anyone who not only wants to carry out turning operations on their workpieces, but also wants to carry out regular milling and drilling, but does not want to purchase separate machines, should consider purchasing a machining centre. In this context, such machine tools are also suitable for training companies in order to learn and practise the diverse material processing. Precision mechanics represent another user group of such machines. The machining center is a subcategory of the lathe.

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Frequently asked questions about the machining center:

What is a machining center ?

In our range of Bernardo machining centers you will find various models of different performance and equipment. Common to all models is infinitely variable speed control, the use of high-quality materials for the machine bed, spindle and guides, and precise, clean workmanship. Even the basic models offer a swiveling milling head and high running smoothness. Top models such as the Bernardo Proficenter 700 Top machining center, on the other hand, also feature a frequency converter for optimum torque distribution and luxurious equipment with a P5 main spindle bearing, micrometer longitudinal stop for series work and slipping clutch. Thus, both simple hobbyists and professional precision mechanics can buy the right lathe from us.

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