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chamfering machine
Whether welding chamfer, protective chamfer, radius chamfer or connecting chamfer - if you are dealing with a metal workpiece whose inner or outer edges you would like to machine, then you have come to the right place in our chamfering machines category. And not only that. The Bernardo chamfering machines in our range are also suitable for deburring workpieces and milling radii and bores.

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In our online shop you have the choice between two different devices. There is the Bernardo chamfering machine KEG 20. The KEG 20 is the cheaper model. It can be used to easily chamfer and deburr both inner and outer edges as well as to mill said radii and drill holes. Are you looking for a machine for steel construction and mechanical engineering? Then the Bernardo chamfering machine KEG 30 is the right choice. This machine is not only extremely reliable and precise, it is also designed for continuous operation - the ideal chamfering machine for professionals.