Heavy lathe

Heavy lathe

A Bernardo heavy lathe is designed for large, long and equally heavy components. It must offer a considerably higher cutting performance. Nevertheless, it must be possible to guarantee the same precision for large and heavy components. The machine bed should be very rigid and low in vibration. For this reason, the bed of heavy lathes is provided with strong ribs to stiffen the bed guide and minimize vibrations. The heavy duty lathes which you can find in our BHM-Maschinen Onlineshop are designed for components up to 10.000 kg. You will get only high quality Bernardo heavy duty lathes from us. You have questions? We will be glad to help you.

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requently asked questions about heavy lathes:

What is a Bernardo heavy lathe suitable for?

A Bernardo heavy lathe is designed for large, long and above all heavy components. They provide strong power, high clamping force and yet produce with the highest precision. The machine bed is very torsionally stiff and low in vibration, the guideways are induction hardened and ground. The headstock is made of cast iron with a large wall thickness, which guarantees rigidity and great stability.

Which components can I machine best with a heavy lathe?

Heavy lathes are designed for cylindrical components that are very large in diameter, very long and particularly difficult to turn.
Companies that are involved in the construction of large machines that produce wind turbines or turbines or that are involved in the over-turning of pipes in the construction industry need heavy-duty lathes.
Simply for every cylindrical component that is a little oversized but needs to be machined precisely.

What are the characteristics of a Bernardo heavy lathe?

Our Bernardo APOLLO 2000 x 8000 heavy-duty lathe is the largest we have in our range. It impresses with a speed range of up to 200 rpm and an engine output of 30 kW (almost 41 hp). However, if you do not need it quite so large, we at BHM-Maschinen also have heavy-duty lathes which are smaller but equipped with a considerably higher speed range, such as the Bernardo APOLLO 1000 x 1500 heavy-duty lathe. It has a speed range of 3.15 - 400 rpm with 36 speed steps. Bernardo heavy lathes are very high quality machines, which are delivered complete with a large scope of supply, such as foundation bolts, initial filling with Shell Tellus 46, face plate and much more.

How heavy and large may the components for the heavy lathe be?

Werkzeugmaschinen Online Shop has the right machine for every component to be turned. With our heavy duty lathes cylindrical components with diameters up to ø2000mm and lengths up to 8000mm can be turned. We also have heavy-duty lathes in our range of products, which can hold components up to 10 tons. Please have a look at the assortment list of our Bernardo heavy lathes.